Setting model’s view in animator/motion manager -1

Many times while working with animator or motion manger, we see that whatever view of the model we set in the graphics area goes off or change back to a default set position when motion is activated or the bar is moved horizontally. To over come this we need to enable the view orientation and create a key for it. Following are the steps involved for the same.

1. RMB on the “Orientation and Camera View” and click on “Disable view creation” to enable it.


2. After enabling you can see the changed icon of “Orientation and Camera View”


3. Set your view of the model. It’s front in this case.


4. After you have set your view position, RMB on the Key and select Replace Key. This will automatically create a new key and replace the old one for that particular model view on that particular time.


Now you can record/play your animation in the view you need. This method can also be used to change view orientation and have different model views in the same animation. For doing that create a new key. Set the view position and repeat the step 4. You can also take in account different snapping options.

Hers is the video link for this post :


3 thoughts on “Setting model’s view in animator/motion manager -1

  1. ipad

    Great post, thanks admin for sharing this article. I’m searching for this article for several days, finally I got it !


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