Setting model’s view in animator/motion manager – 2.

Continuing to my last post about using the Key method to change view orientation and have different model views in the same animation. Following are the steps involved for the same.

1. Make sure you have enabled the “Orientation and Camera View” is enabled, replaced the “Key” and you have set your “View position”. Its Trimetric in this case.


2. Drag the timebar to any time limit. Its 5 seconds in this case.

3. RMB on the timebar and select “Place Key” from the menu.


4. The newly placed key will look like this.

5. Now change your view to some other position you want to show. I have changed to Front view.

6. After you have changed the view, you will notice the updated change bar.

7. Now RMB on the New Key and select “Replace Key” from the menu to update the key.

8. You have finished the setting of new key. You timebar/change bar will look like this.

9. Drag the timebar to various positions to see the effect of the different orientations/positions.


Here is the video link for this post:


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