How to create Weldment Profile

1)    Start a new part and start a new sketch.

2)    Give dimensions and fully constrain you sketch.

3)    Exit sketch and select the sketch from the Feature Manger Tree.

4)    Keeping your sketch selected, go to File > Save as

5)    Change the file type to Lib Feat part (*.sldlfp)

6)    Go to location C:\Program Files\SolidWorks\data\weldment profiles\ and create you own folder or use the exiting folders. You can also set you own location and map the path in the File Locations. I have created a folder “Test” and created another folder named “Pipe” inside the test folder. SW will list the levels of the directory as Standard/Type/Size. In this case Test is my standard, Pipe is my type and size is the file name.

7)    Give the file name as per your convenience. I have used 2.5OD x .125T.

8)    Your file will look like this. Check for the green coloured L and the symbol. This indicates that this file is a SW library file.

9)    For checking that everything has been done perfect, open a new part and draw a line. Exit sketch and go to Insert > Weldments > Structural Member.

10)    Select Test as standard, Pipe as type and 2.5OD x .125T as size and then select the line. Select Ok.

Perfect. You can now make your own customized weldment profiles.


5 thoughts on “How to create Weldment Profile

  1. Keith

    Nice tutorial!

    Using SW 2008 (sp5), I have no problem making flat bar profiles that work fine, the linked description sizes are there, but then I save as a library feature to a new “flat bar folder” in “ansi inch” and the description (sizes) disappear. The weldments profile works but I cannot get the sizes to appear on a cut sheet. I have even tried using other profiles and altering them with the same effect.
    I am so frustrated!

      1. Deepak Gupta Post author

        Oliver, have you set the file properties for the profile? Can you email me one of the profile as I would like to test the issue myself.

        Sent you a test email for address.

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