Adding / Removing Leaders

You use leader with notes or other annotations is SolidWorks. Depending on the need you may add a single leader or may be multiple.

And while adding multiple leaders, you may add an extra leader which is not required and you want to omit that. This post talks about adding as well as removing leader from a note or annotation.

Adding a Leader

1. Click any where on the Leader.

2. Select the point on the arrow head.

3. With Ctrl and left mouse button pressed (will be right hand button in case you use a left hand mouse), drag the arrow to any side.

4. Place the arrow pointing to an entity, edge, face or leave open.

Deleting a Leader

5. Now in continuation of above, assume you added an extra leader and what to get rid of that.

6. Click any where on the Leader.

7. Now click on the point of arrow or extra leader which you want to remove.

8. Press delete on the keyboard. Bingo, the extra leader has gone.


8 thoughts on “Adding / Removing Leaders

  1. Andrew Doerr

    Hmm doesn’t work. Clicking on the arrow head handle and pushing delete still does nothing. For what it’s worth I’m in drawing view and the leaders are on a bend angle note.


    When I hold ctrl and drag, a new leader arrow appears but when I release where I want it, it says “Only features of the same size and type are supported for this operation”

    I am trying to add leaders for chamfers and holes which are the same as those that the original leader is from. Am I doing something wrong?

    I have gotten around it by just adding a multijog leader but the colour is darker and obviously not the same. Any help would be much appreciated


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