Add more Weldment Profiles

Are you looking for more Weldment profiles for you database? Check the following options/places:

1 Create your own: Have a look at this post and make customized Weldment profile.

2 3DCC: Visit Go to search section and use a key word weldmentlibraryfeature. There are around 72 different Weldment profiles available to download and use. Just make sure you put them in the appropriate folder/location (check above post on how to organize or where to place your downloaded weldment profile)

3 SolidWorks Content: If you don’t know this, then you are missing lot of valuable stuff from SolidWorks.

  1. Click on SolidWorks Content in the task pane (on the right side of SolidWorks screen where design library is located) or click on the + sign next to SolidWorks Content.
  2. Click on the Weldment folder from the list or double on the Weldment folder in the below area.
  3. Next you see is a list of available standards.
  4. Press Ctrl and left click on any on the standard from the list. You’ll be prompted to save the zip file (you can save them at any desired location).
  5. Unzip the file and put the Weldment profiles in the appropriate folder/location.

8 thoughts on “Add more Weldment Profiles

  1. maurits

    Me, absolute SW newbee, can’t seem to load any weldment standards from SolidWorks 2010. On my system I located some here:

    C > Program Files > SolidWorks Corp > SolidWorks > data > weldment profiles > iso >
    angle iron (folder)
    c channel (folder)
    pipe (folder)
    rectangular tube (folder)
    sb beam (folder)
    square tube (this folder contains) >
    20 x 20 x 2.sldlfp (142kb, date 2009)
    30 x 30 x 2.6.sldlfp (144kb, date 2009)
    40 x 40 x 4.sldlfp (144kb, date 2009)
    80 x 80 x 5.sldlfp (133kb, date 2009)

    I downloaded iso standards and ANSI inch standards, from within the program (through SolidWorks Content). This gets me many more files. The new square tubing folder for example runs up to 400 x 400 x 10mm tubes. The new file sizes are smaller and older (90 kb, date 2006). And file extensions are named in capitals (eg. 20 x 20 x 2.0.SLDLFP).

    In weldments submenu everything is greyed out exept for Extruded Boss/Base and Reference Geometry. This doesn’t seem right.

    1) How do I make the submenu ungreyed?
    2) How do I make these 4 sizes available in the submenu?
    3) Can I overwrite for example these 4 original files with the many more files I just downloaded in the location I mentioned above?

    Thanks a lot for any pointers.

    1. Deepak Gupta Post author

      Stijn, the folder structure should be ABC.

      A is the path for the folder that contains the Standard. For e.g. C:\SW Data\Weldment Profile
      B is the path for the folder that contains the Types. For e.g. C:\SW Data\Weldment Profile\Inch
      C is the path for the folder that contains the Sizes. For e.g. C:\SW Data\Weldment Profile\Inch\10×20.SLDLFP

      So when setting up the weldment profile location, you need to set the location of A

  2. David Kimberley

    Hi Deepak,
    I’ve just tried doing this but it won’t download for me. Do you have to be on susbscription for this?

  3. sabina

    This article is very informative. It is very well said and well written,the stuffs are well organize too. Thanks for sharing this useful tips. Thanks for sharing.


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