Linking Dimensions (values) – 2

Continued from part one, this post discuses the second method i.e. “Shared/Link Values method”

Shared/Link Values:

When dimensions are linked in this way, any member of the group can be used as a driving dimension. Changing any one of the linked values changes all others to which it is linked.

The variable name you specify becomes the name of the linked dimensions.

How to use Share/Link values to link two dimensions:

  1. Start a new part and start a sketch on any of the plane. Draw a rectangle with any size.
  2. Start dimensioning and give dimension of any one of the side but don’t click OK.
  3. Click on arrow next to dimension and from the list select “Link Value”
  4. Next you’ll see “Shared Values” window.
  5. Give a variable name in the box (I have used W as variable name) and click OK to come out of the shared values window.
  6. Click OK and come out of this window. Now you can see a link symbol in front of the dimension indicating that this is a linked dimension.
  7. Now dimension the other side, click on the arrow in the dimension value modify box and select Link Value.
  8. In the “Shared Values” window, click on the arrow and you can see W in the list.
  9. If we want to keep both the values same, select the W from list else write a new variable (in case you want to link this dimension to a different one). As I’m linking both of them to each other, I have selected W. Notice the change of value.
  10. Click OK and come out. You’ll see the similar link symbol as it is there in front of other dimension.
  11. Change any of the dimension value and see the effect on the second one.

This was really a very example of using/creating linking dimension value. And similarly you can create many linked dimensions with different variable name and values.


3 thoughts on “Linking Dimensions (values) – 2

  1. Kiran

    Can we Link Tolerances on this dimensions, ex: if we apply +/-.001 tolerance on one, It should reflect on others too.

    Let me know your asnwer

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