Delete Key is Dead: Fixing Delete Key

Oops my Delete key is no more working in SolidWorks. Does this happen to you?

You started work one fine morning, opened up the SolidWorks with plans in the mind to finish up the work you left over last evening. Suddenly after sometime while working, you noticed that delete key (on the keyboard) is not working. Though you can right click on the entity and select Delete or use Edit > Delete to delete a feature of entity but not with the Delete key on the keyboard.

Edit > Delete

Right Click >Delete

You quickly opened up another window application (e.g. MS Word or Excel) and checked if the Delete key is working or not. The result of the quick test was satisfactory and with a relief you switch back to SolidWorks to continue. But wait, Delete key is still not working!! You again did the quick test on another window application and finally found out that Delete key is dead in SolidWorks. You get frustrated and start thinking as what went wrong overnight that caused this??

Don’t panic. Just follow these quick steps to bring back your Delete key to life:

1. Open any existing file or start a new one (either part, assembly or drawing).

2. Go to Tool > Customize or Right click on any toolbar and select  Customize from the list.

Tool > Customize

Right click > Customize

3. Switch to Keyboard tab in the Customize window.

4. Scroll/ Search for the Delete command.

5. Now make sure that Delete key is assigned as shortcut for Delete command. If not, then click in the cell under shortcut tab for Delete command.

6. Then click on the Delete key on the keyboard and you’ll see that Delete key has been assigned as shortcut for delete command.

7. Click on OK to exist the Customize window.

Problem Solved 🙂


7 thoughts on “Delete Key is Dead: Fixing Delete Key

  1. Marty

    Thank you, I was able to fix my Delete key. I must have had a misstep while updating my keyboard assignments. This was quick and easy. I still don’t have a RMB delete functionality but I’m headed in the right direction.


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