Creating New View Orientation

While working on parts/assemblies, sometimes you need a view different other than the standard views for a quick presentation. You set your view, take the snapshot or save as jpg for the moment. But next time when you need the same view orientation, it may take several trials and error to get closer to what you did last time. The simple solution is to save you view orientation.  The procedure is also simple and you can save multiple numbers of view orientations. Apart from presentations, you can also use these customized view orientation in drawings also.

Creating the New View Orientation:

1. Set the view orientation as required.

2. Hit Spacebar to get the View Orientation window.

3. Click on New View (add new view).

4. In the Named View window, enter a desired view name.

5. Click OK on the Named View window. You can see the new view orientation in the view list. Finally close the View Orientation.

6. To access the new view orientation, either hit spacebar and double click on the view orientation name or select it from the heads up toolbar from the views.

Creating the New View Orientation (Sectional View):

You can use the above method to create named view orientation for sectional view to quick access to sectional views which you might be creating often while working on projects. This will save item in getting back to that particular sectional view.

1. Set the sectional view orientation as required.

2. Repeat Steps 2-5 as described above for creating the new sectional view orientation.

Deleting the New View Orientation:

To remove/delete a named view orientation (created using methods described above), simply bring up the list by pressing spacebar, select the named view orientation you want to delete and press delete key on the keyboard.


4 thoughts on “Creating New View Orientation

  1. Erik

    Boxer, is there a way to set a view using coordinates from the origin? For instance, I want a 30deg view from FRONT plane, and 50deg view from RIGHT plane combined together. Is that possible in SolidWorks 2011? Thanks! -Erik

    1. Deepak Gupta Post author

      Yes, you can achieve it by manipulating the view using arrow keys. Set your arrow keys setting under Tools > Options > View > View rotation to 10 degrees (for this particular case). Then you can set the view orientation as required.


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