Creating Animations with SolidWorks step-by-step

Animation had always been an interesting thing for me and I keep on doing experiment with animation in SolidWorks. SolidWorks has recently come up with its new version of “Creating Animations with SolidWorks step-by-step”. And when I was asked for reviewing the book I was full of joy as this will be my first chance to learn more about the animation from a step by step guide.

The book contains 35 easy-to-understand tutorials and practice exercises, each building upon the previous lesson. The best thing is that everything has been explained via step by step, enhancing your skills on SolidWorks animation as you progress from simple to more complex animations. There are case studies and practices files included at the end of each chapter to make your grip more stronger on animation and revise what you have learned through out the chapter.  Total 536 pages book which also include DVD-ROM containing files (SolidWorks 2010 version) for tutorials and practice exercises. The book costing $89.95 can be order via SolidWorks online store.

The quick overview is that it’s a good book every SW animation beginner or who wants to enhance his/her skill with animation, should have this book as there is lot of stuff to try and learn. I’ll be posting more about the book as I progress with the chapters blogs. You can also learn more about the book on Gabi Jack and Rob Rodriguez blogs

Chapter 1: Explains what is Animation, why it is required and how to create it. And what different types of Animations can be created with SolidWorks Animator.

Chapter 2: Explains easy steps on creating simple animation and get you started with animation. Also discusses on saving the animation.

Chapter 3: Explains editing the timeline and key points.

Chapter 4: Explains creating/editing and tweaking the view orientations. Also explains use of perspective view.


13 thoughts on “Creating Animations with SolidWorks step-by-step

  1. ing. jonathan hernandez

    me interesa mucho solo que deceo conseguir el libro, como hacerlo desde mexico para que llegue lo mas antes posible!!

    Translated from Google:

    I am very interested just that I want to get the book, as it arrives from Mexico for as soon as possible!

  2. Brendan Carron

    Hi Deepak.

    Thanks very much for your reply.

    I did have a look at Mike wilson’s the pdf’s.

    I will keep on this blog and email me and inform me for your update tutorials.

    Well, I would like to try first use motion study for walking through inside the building from outside. take a tour into new building.

    I will have 3d spacepilot pro coming on the way.

    you going up to solidworks 2011 in USA?

    Good luck

    Brendan ;-D

    1. Deepak Gupta Post author

      Brendan, you can subscribe to this blog via Email subscription for latest updates. Check “Email subscription” on right hand panel.

      The time at SolidWorks World 2011 in San Antonio, USA was great.. 🙂

  3. N.Jay

    i am malaysian i want to buy this book (Creating Animations with SolidWorks step-by-step),should i conduct who please replay

      1. Brendan Carron

        Hi Deepak.

        I am glad to see you put plenty of screenshot captures to guide us in animation(motion study).

        I see your name up at lately with videos on animations.

        My simple questions about find cheapest ebook or printed book “creating animations on solidworks step by step tutorials” and also other photoworks 360.

        I am part time student in university.

        Price cost $89.95 bit alot. any way to find discount code for it.

        I tried ebay with no luck yet..

        you are lucky to have product review on it.

        please advise.


        P.S. I will come back to see more animations tutorials from this blogs or you tube. Thanks for your time.

        1. Deepak Gupta Post author

          Brendan thanks for the complements and appreciation. The book is a worth to have on one’s desktop who is a really SolidWorks geek.

          Well I’ll be putting up more stuff on SolidWorks animation and would love to hear about what kind of animation the users/readers are interested in.

          Please also look at the Mike Wilson site where you can find some cool animations (with SolidWorks files) plus a free step by step PDF on animation

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