Adding Sketch length to Part properties

This is a very simple example on representing sketch length (individual or total length of sketch) in the part properties.

1. Start a new sketch or edit exiting one.

2. Dimension the sketch as required. Make sure you add the chord/arc length to any radius entities (click here to see how to create an arc length dimension) instead of radius value (if required you can set the chord/arc length as driven dimension.

3. Within the sketch mode, start an equation by either right clicking on the equation folder or Tools > Equations

4. You can use any name for this equation (I have used Total length as I’ll creating a total sketch length).

5. Set the equation equal to sum of all the 3 dimensions (can be more or less as per the sketch). You can also set equations for individual dimension.

5a. Add = sign after the equation name

5b. Click on the dimension you want to add. You can select the dimension in any order.

5c. The dimension name will appear in the equation editor.

5d. Add + after the dimension name.

5e. Select the second dimension you want to add, add the + sign and finally select the last dimension. If you more dimensions to add, keep on repeating till you select the last dimension (don’t add any sign after the last dimension name).

5f. Make sure you select the chord/arc length dimension and not radius dimension.

6. Finally click OK on the equation editor (to exit the editor).

7. You can see the finally evaluated vale in the equation manager. The value will be different in your case.

8. Click OK on the equation manger to exit it. And you may also exit the sketch edit mode.

9. Go to file properties.

10. Under custom/configuration tab, add the required name under Property name (I have used Total Length here also as the property name)

11. Select text under type from the drop down list.

12. Finally select the equation (as created in step 3 above) under value/text expression from the drop down list.

13. The final value will appear under evaluated value.

14. Click OK to exit the property manager/summary information.

15. Now you can link your notes to this property.

Do you use a different method? If yes, how about sharing the same.



3 thoughts on “Adding Sketch length to Part properties

  1. MikeR

    How do you control the precision? For instance, the “evaluated value” is 4.75836 but I want it to be a 2 place decimal of 4.75. I tired Document Properties … Units … Decimals without any success

    1. Deepak Gupta Post author

      Equations use VBA so you can use the Format command. Just specify the nujmber of # after the dot(.)

      “Total Length”=Format( “D1@Sketch1″ +”D2@Sketch1″ +”D4@Sketch1″,”#.##”)


      Use Round command

      “Total Length”=round(“D1@Sketch1″ +”D2@Sketch1″ +”D4@Sketch1”,2). The last number (2) is your decimal point precision.


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