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Boxer’s SolidWorks Blog has got a new home. You are requested to please visit the new site henceforth and bookmark it for reference and SolidWorks related information. Please feel free to inform your friends, colleagues and people whom you consider can be benefited with the information on the Boxer’s SolidWorks Blog

Your suggestions on the layout and the content of the new site are welcome. Keep reading, contributing and sharing your thoughts.

You can find link to all the posts here or for latest posts, please visit the new sitePlease leave a comment as this will help me to improve the blog and bring up more interesting articles/tutorials.

You are free to share, distribute or transmit any work on this blog under the Licensing conditions.  For any clarification or details, please contact me.

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28 thoughts on “Welcome to Boxer’s Blog

  1. Zack

    Thanks for the update, you have a great site here.. 🙂 I hope you can talk more about solidworks 2012 or any new interesting feature it got.

  2. fcsuper

    I didn’t realize you had any new posts since this post went up, because this one has been sticky on top. I thought, “would be nice if he had new posts to subscribe too”. 🙂

  3. Praveen Rawat

    How are you Deepak Sir? I am Solidworks v2010 user.
    I am getting an error while saving macros. Saving macros in *.swp file gives no error but when I want to save a macro in *.vbproj & *.csproj, the macro is not saved at all. I have tried the same after installing visual studio 2010 professional. Please look into the matter and comment.

      1. Praveen Rawat

        I asked this on behalf of Devi Prasad Samal. He’s my colleague :). We are still not able to troubleshoot the problem.

          1. Devi Prasad Samal

            Hello Deepak,

            I have tried in all machines where solidworks have been installed, but every where i am getting the same problem. I have checked that my system have Visual studio tools for application & .net frame work. but the issue remains.

            I have asked one of our reseller about this. but they replied that u can’t save macro only in *vbproj. as I dont have viusal studio not installed on my system.

            So my question is: to save a macro in *.vbproj do we really need to install visual studio? because depending upon that i can ask question him further.

  4. Luis Carlos Botero Idárraga

    Hi Mr Gupta, I’m from Colombia and i need some help. Do you know a way to put a text on a drawing depending of the life cycle status, i mean, if the drawing in in approved status then in the drawing appear a text that say “approved”, or something like that, something that changes automatic with the life cycle. Hope you can help me. THanks.

    1. Deepak Gupta Post author

      You might create a property in the drawing File properties and link that to the life cycle which should get updated while you check in the drawing into PDM. And then create a note on the drawing which is linked to this property.

    2. Deepak Gupta Post author

      You can also add a column in Revision table that have the property that say “approved”, or something like that which can be filled while checking in the file into PDM.

  5. SolidWorks

    Hi, I am new to SolidWorks, just join a company deal with SolidWorks.

    Can I have some helps from you how can I gather good resources and knowledge of SolidWorks in shortest time? 🙂

  6. kate

    This is such a great post! Good work sir keep the good work up! This is my first time visit here in your blog and to tell you honestly I am impressed! Thanks for sharing us your knowledge.

  7. Venkata Ramesh V

    Hi Deepak,
    I don’t know whether to post this here or not, I had a question please help me out.

    I just started SolidWorks and its customization (using C#) last week. I had a question which i posted in the forums but no one had replied for that.

    I need to invoke SolidWorks from C# and can be done by
    SldWorks swApp = new SldWorks();

    but what if i had different versions of solidWorks installed in my system and i need to invoke particular version of SolidWorks (Assume i had full file paths for the different versions). Please help me in this regard.Sorry if this is not the right place.

    Thanks in Advance
    Venkata Ramesh V

  8. Craig

    Hey Deepak, I’m at Solid Works 2011. I’m the American with a white hat and a G on it. Green Bay Packers. You’ve helped me a lot with SW. Thanks,
    Craig cwc1885

    1. Deepak Gupta Post author

      Thanks Craig.. I’m wearing a Red T-shirt, if you spot me in the SolidWorksw World 2011.. 🙂

      Let’s see if we get a chance to catch each other at Cowboy dance party today…

  9. Joseph

    Maybe you can add me to your list of favorite blogs, what do you think?

    And how do I promote my blog for solidworks. to get news from solidworks to post on my blog?

    Thank you for your attention.

  10. Joseph

    Hello all, Well my name is Joseph and I am Brazilian.

    I created a blog called http://solid3d.blogspot.com/, and would like you to help me spread among the users CAD, because in Brazil there are few sites and blogs that are intended to help users for free. Could you help me to disclose?

    Regards Joseph

  11. Muhammad Mustafa

    Hiie deepak,
    i would like to know that does solidwork have somethng like development of surface i.e development of transition piece. Like using litio in Autocad we can use make a 3 d object and with the help of litio, we can get create a development of those metal sheet materials.
    Do we have such things in solidwork.

  12. Magesh

    wow.. this the only word comes out of my mouth after seeing ur blog.. great work sir really thank full for ur time and effort :).

    If u post some training drawing files for the beginner like me we will be thank full for u sir.. keep your great work going sir.. superb blog will suggest to all my friends

    1. Deepak Gupta Post author

      Best will to use machine design book. Apart from that, look around yourself and try to make the objects that you can see physically around you. Try some cool renderings on them. For issues you can always come back. 🙂

  13. Avtar Singh Saini

    very good work sir keep the good work up……..today first time i visited ur blog and i really liked it a lot……..i m a beginner in SolidWorks……..and i think there are a lot of inspirational things on ur blog for persons like me….now onwards i shall keep on visiting ur blog…….very gud sir keep the good work up…..once again i appreciate ur work……….


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