Using SolidWorks.. SolidWorks made easy

Our friend and SolidWorks Guru “Ben Eadie” is back again with another video series on SolidWorks “Using SolidWorks” apart from his lot of good and informative stuff online at SolidMentor, SolidJott and MechanicalMashup.

The best part of this video tutorial site is that all the content/videos are tips and tricks on how to optimize the use of SolidWorks and not just structured course. The content will be driven by user suggestions and everyone will get what they really need and not some canned course. And apart from just videos there is something more for you in the box “ The free Newsletter” and a monthly “Webinar”.

You can sign up for the free Newsletter here and get great tips and tricks delivered right in your mailbox. Also you’ll be automatically entering a chance to win a seat of SolidWorks. The newsletter will be on a regular basis for free subscribers. Just fill in the details and hit submit.

For getting all the tips and trick videos and premium content, there is a monthly subscription of $24.99 or a yearly one time fee of $199.00 .  Need discount, then hurry up and sign on or before 31st October, 2010 to get a flat 20% off of both of those prices. The price after the discount will be $9.99/month and $59.25/year. Use the discount coupon code is ‘Discount-20‘. Beside tips and tricks videos there will be monthly webinar for premium members giving them opportunity to discuss their issues online. And immediately after signing up you’ll get around 4 hours of archived tutorial videos. For signing up for premium membership, click here.

If you’ve been using SolidWorks, and you KNOW you’ve got what it takes to go to the next level, this may be THE most important video you’ll EVER see…

So rush and get yourself enroll before the discount is over or someone else win the seat of SolidWorks.  Just remember the discount coupon code is ‘Discount-20‘ !!


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