SolidWorks Innovation Day 2010 with IDSPL

What the title suggests you? Yes you guessed it right; SolidWorks is back with new enhancements, new features giving you a scenario where you’ll not only enjoy working but do a lot of cost saving.

IDSPL proudly presents Innovative Tools for Competitive & Sustainable Design & Development”

With increasing competition which is not just local but has gone global and increasing inputs costs, it has become very difficult to meet the customer expectations and remain profitable. It is extremely important to put lot of emphasis on quick yet cost effective design and manufacturing. The question today is who can deliver fast, efficient and cost effective products. Come and indentify the areas in your design and manufacturing process where you can save on costs and design products that are better performing, innovative and environmentally sustainable.

The event offers exciting experience not only for SolidWorks but also focuses on helping people to choose the right way of producing a product. And to better address the different Industry vertical, event has been divided into two segments:

In an increasingly competitive Tool & Die market, your customers can demand shorter lead times and reduced pricing, or can award their business to cheaper suppliers. Tool & Die developers do not have the option of cutting corners in the design process to reduce prices and shorten lead times.

In a vertical like Machine / Equipment development, where you do not have any options of building prototypes to evaluate your designs, you are under extreme pressures to not just build the equipment right but also do it within the delivery deadlines

You can chose as what is best for your kind of application and products and get to know what tools and processes are right to work with. Come and experience the real challenges faced by different Industry vertical and how these tools can help you reduce them. Hence keeping you back in the competition and making profits over your competitors.

But how you will come to know about all the new tools which are waiting for you in the box until you see them or experience them in real.  Attend the event for your own personal growth and success which will in turn help your company to reach great heights!!

So what are you waiting for, go and register in the SolidWorks Innovation Day 2010 and experience the real technology.

To register click and chose your vertical


I'll be happy to know your views and opinions as this will help me to improve. You can share them as comments below.

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