Win a 32 Gb iPad with free SolidWorks Sheet Metal tutorial

Our friend and SolidWorks Guru “Ben Eadie” is back again with surprises and gifts for you and that too at almost no cost.

Sign up for a 55$/year membership cost for SolidWorks tutorials once a week for full one year from the best SolidWorks gurus in the business and a monthly webinar to hone your SolidWorks skills and discuss your issues online.

So you want to learn SolidWorks from the experts, Sign up now. And immediately after signing up you’ll get around 4 hours of archived tutorial videos.

Need more, OK sign up between now and Dec 31 2010 and you will be eligible for a chance to win a 32 Gb wifi ipad!

Sign up at and check the free tutorial on Sheet metal. Also have a look at some sample content.

If you’ve been using SolidWorks, and you KNOW you’ve got what it takes to go to the next level, this may be THE most important video you’ll EVER see…

FYI: Those that have signed up already have been automatically entered into the contest


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