Multi Configuration in Assy BOM

Do you know you can show multiple configuration in single BOM. Check the steps to know how to do it in case you need it.

The assembly I have used here has two configurations, named Full and Cut Out. The difference is the number of clamp part plus cutout in one of the configuration.

  1. Insert the drawing view as required.
  2. Insert BOM table by right clicking on the View, selecting Tables > BOM OR select the inserted view and then go to Insert > Tables > BOM
  3. If you don’t have a view selected, you’ll be prompted with a message to select a view.
  4. You can select the view by clicking on it.
  5. Now BOM property manager will appear. Under BOM Type select “Top Level only” and under Configurations, select all the configurations or the required one. I have selected all in the list i.e Full and Cut Out.
  6. After setting up the options, click on OK.
  7. Place you BOM as required OR if you have a fixed anchor, you can set the BOM to attach to anchor under table position in BOM property manager. Check the quantity of desired parts. In this case it was the Clamp part whose quantity is correct as required.

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