Detailing Multibody Part – 2

This is in continuation to my post “Detailing a Multibody Part -1” where we discussed detailing a multibody part in various ways. Now we take a step further and see what else can be done in detailing in multibody.

Say you have a multibody part, then you might need to show the BOM and ballooning as well to give more information to other person reading the drawing.

Not a big deal, you can insert the BOM and use the Balloon to set up the things.  But you may not the get desired results.

Now how to set the things right?

  1. Switch back to Part.
  2. Click on Weldment on Weldment toolbar or Insert > Weldments > Weldment.
  3. This will convert the part into a weldment and will add a cut list.
  4. RMB (right mouse button) meaning right-click on the cut list and select update. This will update the cut list.
  5. RMB on cut list item 1 and select “Properties”.
  6. You may see the “Material” property there. As I have already assigned “ABS PC” to the part, it is listed there.  If you need you can assigned different material to each body. For this, expand the cut list and right-click on the body. Select Material and then select the material you want to set. I have chosen “Plain Carbon Steel”.
  7. Go back to cut list item 1 properties (as in step 5)
  8. You can see the updated material property. Add a new property named “Description” and add value as Plate. You can add any value as per need.
  9. Switch to Cut list item 2 and also add the description property. We’ll not change the material here.
  10. Click “OK” at the bottom of the cut list properties window to close and apply the settings/changes.
  11. Save your file.
  12. Now switch to drawing mode and insert a view.
  13. Right click on view or sheet and select Tables > Weldment Cut list or Insert > Tables > Weldment Cut list.
  14. If you haven’t select a view, you will be prompted to select a view. To select, simple click on the view.
  15. Weldment cut list property manager will appear.
  16. Set the cut list template and choose any specific configuration if you need.
  17. Finally click on OK and place the cut list at the appropriate place or if you want to set the position use anchor.

Now time to play with balloons..

  1. RMB on view or sheet and select Annotations > Auto balloon or click on Auto Balloon on Annotation toolbar or Insert > Annotations > Auto Balloon.
  2. Click on the view if you haven’t selected a view.
  3. Set the balloons location and position them as required.
  4. Click OK to close the command.

All done now. You can have complete bodies on sheet 1 with BOM and Balloons similar to an assembly and have details drawings for bodies on other sheets in the same drawing using method as stated here.


One thought on “Detailing Multibody Part – 2

  1. J. Thomson

    For a fairly new user to SolidWorks this book hits it squarely on the head. I purchased the book to better understand what’s new in SolidWorks 2011 and was pleasantly surprised and overwhelmed on the number of commands, features, and tools that it provides.

    The book is unique because it offers enlightening steps but also informs the user on various tricks of the trade; especially when it comes to Advanced and Mechanical mates and Assembly configurations. There is a section on intelligent design which was an eye opener. I now look at design intent from a very different prospective (end conditions, equations, design tables, link values, etc). There are hundreds of short tutorials to apply what you learned.

    The writing is clear, concise and thorough. It’s large – over 800 pages but covers a lot of important information including system and document options, and basics in SimulationXpress, Sustainability and FloXpress. Another good part is that all initial and final SW models are included on the CD and they work. This is so much more than just a reference book. It’s a winner!


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