Manipulating an Exploded View in SolidWorks

Do you ever need to reorder exploded view steps or feel like renaming them for better understanding/explanation, then check these simple steps:

Preconditions: An open assembly with some parts and preferably with an exploded view.

I’m using an assembly having an exploded view. Check SolidWorks help file on “How to create an exploded view”

To reorder Exploded View steps:

  1. Switch to configuration manger.
  2. Expand the configuration containing the exploded view and edit the feature.
  3. Select the step you want to reposition/reorder.
  4. Drag and drop it on the location you need.
  5. The step in now on the new position. You can close the exploded view property manager and play the changed exploded view animation.

To rename Exploded View steps:

  1. Expand the exploded view and edit the feature.
  2. Select the step you want to rename.
  3. Press F2 on the keyboard.
  4. Rename as required.
  5. Click anywhere and your exploded view step has a new name.

3 thoughts on “Manipulating an Exploded View in SolidWorks

  1. Deepak Gupta Post author

    This is done in SW2010 only but should in lower version also.

    F2 is shortcut to rename. So if you select anything say a file or a feature and then press F2, you will have the option to rename, like in step 3.

    No, you can’t group them or add to folder(s) but you can have more then one part in same exploded step.

  2. koh

    Good morning , does this work in 2010? i tried but can’t rename.. please advice.. what does F2 does any micro link to it?
    Is it possilble to group a few explode step into a group,(like a folder )
    many thanks for your kind attention


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