Exploding a Multi-body part -1

Many of us have been dealing with multi body parts and sometimes we need to show an exploded view similar to what we do in assembly to give a presentable picture of the parts or to show more details. Creating an exploded view in assembly is quite easy using the tool available. But are there any ways to replicate same in a multi body part.

Let’s explore the ways to do it:

Assembly Method: The easiest method is to convert the multi body part to assembly using this quick method : Assembly from Part – No mates required and then explode them using the exploded view tool.

Part Method:This particular method takes the advantage of move/copy bodies. Let’s discuss this method with some examples.

Example 1: Exploding a Multi Body Part.

1. Click here to download the SW2011 part file used for this example.

2. Unzip and open up Multi Body Part-2011 file.

3. Go to Insert > Features and select Move/Copy Bodies.

4. Select the “Side Plug” body (the blue colored) under bodies to move/copy.

5. Expand Translate (as we want to move out the body) and give40mm as Delta Z value. You may give direction or value for the move/copy if required for your parts.

6. Click OK to close the close the command and apply the changes. The “Side Plug” body has moved out by 40 mm in Z direction.

7. Restart Move/Copy Bodies command using step 3 or right click any where on the graphics area and select Recent Commands > Move/Copy Bodies.

8. Select the two “Round Plugs”.

9. Expand Translate and give 25mm as Delta Z value.

10. Click OK to close the close the command and apply the changes. The “Round Plugs” have moved out by 25 mm in Y direction.

11. You may add two configurations one showing collapsed bodies where as other showing exploded bodies.

12. Download the completed SW2011 part file here.

To be contd… Check Part 2 here


7 thoughts on “Exploding a Multi-body part -1

  1. Mike Harvey

    Good hints – but beware if using the Move/Copy body option. If you defined extrudes on some bodies as “Up to next” or similar then you may find the geometry of the moved parts, or anything dependant on them updates to reflect the body’s new position. NOT what you had intended I’d guess!

      1. Mike Harvey

        Hi Deepak,

        To clarify, I recently had a multi-body part in a larger assembly which I needed to explode. I happily created a configuration with the two bodies parted then used it within the exploded assembly. Several components that had been extruded up to surface instantly grew to the new dimension…. Whoops!

            1. Deepak Gupta Post author

              Mike : Although for speed I just switched the up to surface features to blind extrudes in this instance.

              And that’s why I love being an engineer.. We know how to fix things 🙂


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