Open your DWG files in Linux® with DraftSight™ Beta

Dassault Systèmes offers the free* beta version of DraftSight™ for the Linux® users.

Earlier available for Microsoft® Windows XP®, Windows Vista®, Windows® 7, Mac® OS X (10.5.8 or above), now you can open/edit drawing (DWG) files on your Linux®.

DraftSight™, a free* 2D CAD product that lets you create, edit and view your DWG files is available in  both .deb and .rpm packages for Linux®.





Need to know more, then check DraftSight™ Getting Started Guide

Join the DraftSight™ Community to share your views and discuss your issues.

*Standalone license. Activation required.


One thought on “Open your DWG files in Linux® with DraftSight™ Beta

  1. Kieu Trang Minh

    I have installed draftsight for my UBUNTU 12.04 LTS 32 bit, at the beginning I could not run it. after clicking on the icon nothing is opened even worse the OS crashed ! I could not restart the OS after shutting the OS it displays “cannot write byte, pipe is broken”. after restarting with recovery mode I installed xinit and the OS run normally again and something is better draftsight also could start and now is working quite well except for opening a CAD file created by autocad in windows with Chinese character. all the Chinese character cannot be displayed, only ??? displayed instead. I tried to find all the missing fonts including all the fonts shx from autocad which can display well in windows and copy to /opt/dassault-systemes/draftsight/Fonts but no use. Please somebody help how to get those file autocad with Chinese character correctly displayed. Thanks for your kind support.


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