Different Mate Values for Different Configurations

Do you ever need to set up different mates vales (Distance and Angle mates) for different configurations in the Assembly.

You can download the files used from here to do this exercise/tutorial.

1. Open the Assembly the switch to configuration manager.

2. Add the configuration as required. I already have two configurations in the assembly: Closed and Open.

3. Activate the configuration named Open.

4. Expand the mates folder.

5. Double click on Angle1 mate (so that the dimension displays up in the graphics area).

6. Double click on the dimension.

7. Set the value to 120 and set the option “This Configuration

8. Click OK to set the value and exit the dimension edit box.

9. Rebuild if required.

10 Switch to configuration manager and check both the configurations.

Similarly you can set different values for distance mate too in your assemblies.


5 thoughts on “Different Mate Values for Different Configurations

  1. Jeff

    Thanks! This is a great tutorial. Sometimes you just need to walk through a (very) simple example to understand. Kudos!


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