“Let’s Go Design” Project 3 Kickoff

Finally Jeremy Luchini and the crew of SolidWorks’ “Let’s Go Design” team have kicked off the Project 3.

Can you guess what it can be?? It is aBaby Stroller

but not just a normal stroller but a “Hot-Rodded Baby Stroller

Sound crazy but yes the idea is to create a sort of “Tim the Tool-Man Taylor” motorized, ride-on baby conveyance that dads would be happy to drive around. 

And unlike the last project, they’re actually going to build this thing. Now you can give your baby a more pleasant gift.

The design requirements:

So what you feel is more cool and can be good option about “How should the driver pilot the buggy

(Standing position, like a dogsled or Segway®)             (Seated position, like a go-cart)

Watch, Share and Vote on the Let’s Go Design website

Watch the exclusive kickoff video for this project here on Let’s Go Design YouTube account


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