Render Contest Dot Com

In continuation of my last post on “What is SolidWorks Rendering Contest“, I just wanted to share with you all that the SolidWorks Rendering Contest is back for the month of July.

Just to remind you that this is a monthly event that allows users of both PhotoWorks and PhotoView 360 to compete against each other to see who can produce the most realistic, or simply best-looking, rendering of a particular 3D model.

The model can be downloaded from the download section of the site.  

And once you’re ready with your image, please use this button to submit it. 

Check this area of the site to know as what kind of competitors are fighting with you.

There after voting lines will be open and viewers/visitors will be allowed for the voting. The winners will decided by the viewers/visitors only, so make sure you give them the best taste of your spicy dish 😉

And make sure you’e following the rules to take part in the contest.

Since the main purpose of this contest is learning, winners will be encouraged (but not required) to post their winning PhotoWorks/PhotoView 360/SolidWorks files and/or settings for sharing with other contestants. All contestants will be given full credit for their work.


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