DraftSight™ 1 2 3 and Go!

Just follow three steps to enjoy your DraftSight™ 

Step 1. Download 

Choose your Operating System from the options listed below

Step 2. Activate

Save or print a file and enter your email address

Step 3. Confirm

Click the confirmation link when you receive your activation confirmation email

DraftSight™ is a free* 2D CAD product that lets you create, edit and view your drawing files in Windows®, Mac®, and Linux®.

*Standalone license. Activation required.


7 thoughts on “DraftSight™ 1 2 3 and Go!

  1. brendan minge

    Hi, I seem to be able to only use draftsight when linked to the internet. I did not receive a confirmation link when I received my activation email. what can i do to get a stand alone?

    1. Deepak Gupta Post author

      Uninstall the DraftSight and re-install a new version. And check if you can activate that.

      I just installed the new version and activated that. Now I’ll check if DS runs without internet or not.

  2. roadman1

    what if a user activated DraftSight with a temporary internet access and without the internet access when actual use?

  3. Aaron

    Hi Deepak,

    The process is correct. Starting in mid July, we are changing the activation process slightly. When you first start DraftSight, you will be asked if you want to activate the software (not mandatory). You can dismiss this dialog, but the dialog will come back and activation will be mandatory once you print or save as you have described. We are making this change to make it upfront with users that activation is required if they want to continue to use the product over time for free. If an user does not want to activate DraftSight, he/she can decide then if they want to continue using DratfSight. Some users were confused why the activation dialog popped up after hitting print or save. I admit this is not the usual trigger for activating software, but our intent was to try to stay out of users way and let them use the software first. We think this change will not upset users as it is not mandatory to activate on first use.



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