Re-Activating DraftSight™

DraftSight™ is a free* 2D CAD product that lets you create, edit and view your .dwg or .dxf files in Windows®, Mac®, and Linux®.

Download and Install.

Choose your Operating System from the options listed below, download and update your already installed DraftSight™ software.


  1. Start the software and you’ll see the splash screen.
  2. Followed by that will come the reactivation pop up window. Select the option best suited for you.
  3. Finally the confirmation message window and your DraftSight™ is activated for one year.

*Standalone license. Activation required.

**Activation process suggested for Windows® only, can be different for other OS.

36 thoughts on “Re-Activating DraftSight™

  1. Wendy

    Hi, i cant open my Draftsight because my hardisk is not working. What can i do to to open my Draftsight license. Please help me.

  2. Roland

    How can I reactivate DraftSight this error is come `Please connect to internet to re-activate the product. You have to re-activate the product with in 11 days to continue using the product’. Once I click the “OK” button, it starts up, but need to reactivate. Please advise.

  3. Evgeny

    I had problem with renew on Ubuntu 12.04 64bit.
    I tired to reinstall it, but the problem did not go.

    I have solved the problem by next steps
    1. sudo nautilus
    2. search and kill all folders which contents draftsight in name
    3. install draftsight again
    (I had to rebuild deb because draftsight is i386 application.
    I install i386 packages and in contol file change Architecture to Architecture: all)

  4. Seth

    You’ve still never resolved the Ubuntu issue where it is stated “This product is not licensed or expired”. There is no option to reactivate etc.!??

  5. sam

    hello deepak, i forgot to acivate draftsight, so now it will not run, how can i get it to “re – work” on WIn 7. thanks sam

    1. Stephane Roumieux

      if you change the date of your Mac before launching, DraftSight will start. Then you switch the back to current date and DraftSight continue to work !
      Hope this helps.

    2. Stephane Roumieux

      I finally found a way to work arround the startup crash of version R1V4.0:

      1. go to (use shit-cmd-G in Finder) /Users/–user–/Library/Preferences (replace –user– by your user name

      2. Delete or move somewhere else (maybe a better idea !) the directory draftsight

      3. start DraftSight (you probably loose some prefs but it is better than no workin 🙂


  6. Bruno Zilli

    dear Deepak Gupta

    I’ve installed D.S. on ubuntu lucid 64 bit by forcing the system. It very fine, it works as a rocket and I didi a lot of thing with it. Now it’s asking me for a re-activation. Please would you help me?
    Thank you

  7. KebeK

    On my pc windows 7 64 bit I cant activate the software… it is installed and asking me for activation everytime I start the application… I even tried running in admin mode same result… do all of you need to enter your email country and infos everytime you start the application? if I dont enter the info the application is saying 30 days past and closing if I enter the info it starts.

      1. Vijay Bhide

        I had installed drftsight in three Ubuntu releaes.It worked fine in all three releases for sometime,but after some time it is showing message that 30 days period is over,register to acivate.So I did and I got link for activation by E mail.I clicked the the link and I got the message that your draftsight is activated.When clicked on dwg file to open it ,I am getting message that This product is not licensed or expired.I tried to download again but I am not able to open download site.It appeares that I am prevened from doing this.Please help.
        Vijay Bhide


        A colleague of mine is face with the same issue on his new MacAir computer, however when he check the activate later button the application fails to start. The I was able to install the product in a different account on the same computer. Your thoughts are appreciated.

  8. Danie

    I also have a re-activate issue. I am told to reactivate but no window pops up to enable me to add detail

  9. Brent Mendel

    When I am on internet no box appears, when I am off internet get warning that I must reactivate, I have tried following instructions on search page for Draftsight re-activate and it just goes to full download page, I ran download and still get error when not on net. This computer is a shop computer and cannot be on net 24/7

  10. mera

    why do i need to connect to the internet everytime in order to run draftsight (which i got it for free). this is very annoying and I cannot be connected to internet all the time as i have to go to an internet cafe just to open a file using draftsight. and i am using Linux Ubuntu LTS.

    thanks for the draftsight but no usefullness out of it since the above reason.

    By the way why do I need to by under Linux distribution…

  11. Mike

    Can not activate my draftsight software activate window does not popup if i save or print can open program while i am online but offline it asks for activation help!

  12. chis

    What happens if you installed draftsight on a system that had deep freeze installed on it and then accidentally activated it while it was in the frozen state. Then after I restart the program it reverts to the previous unactivated state. I tried unfreezing deep freeze and then reactivating it, but draftsight continues to tell me i have fewer and fewer day left in my trial, and that i need to activate it. Is there a way to reactivate it on a system once it has been installed and activated. I tried reinstalling it, but it says i still need to activate it

    1. Deepak Gupta Post author

      Uninstall it and Install again in unfreeze condition or uninstall both Draftsight and deep freeze. Then install Draftsight, activate it and then deep freeze.

      1. Vijay Bhide

        How to uninstall it?I tried package manager but it does not show draftsight.I tred sudo dpkg -r (packge name)but I could not uninstall.

  13. Rahul Damodhare

    how can i re-activate DraftSight this error is come `Pleas connect to internet to re-activate th product you re-activate the product with in 19 days to continue using the product’


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