SolidProfessor – 2011 Flow Simulation

SolidProfessor is a SolidWorks Solution Partner delivering the largest library of SolidWorks video training and tutorial courses on the market. SolidProfessor video library has over 800 lessons and more than 35 hours of training. With a 100% focus on creating the very best on-demand knowledge resources for SolidWorks CAD software, the mission of SolidProfessor is to provide the highest quality self-paced resources for SolidWorks users of all skill levels worldwide.

SolidProfessor’s  recently released the SolidWorks Flow Simulation course for the SolidWorks Users around the globe.

SolidWorks Flow Simulation software allows designers to simulate computational fluid dynamics (CFD) on their 3D CAD models. With SolidWorks Flow Simulation, users can quickly and easily simulate fluid flow, heat transfer, and fluid forces that are critical to the success of many designs. The software allows designers to simulate real world conditions, run “what if” scenarios, and quickly analyze the effects of fluid flow, heat transfer, and related forces on immersed or surrounding components.

SolidProfessor’s  SolidWorks Flow Simulation course teaches the fundamentals of using the software to analyze fluid flow and heat transfer effects within SolidWorks parts and assemblies. The course was designed to get users up to speed quickly with the basic principles of computational fluid dynamics, and covers additional topics such as basic flow through a pipe, fans, porous media, humidity effects, particle injection into a uniform flow, transient heat transfer, and external analyses including supersonic flow around a rocket. The course also teaches users how to take Flow Simulation results and import them into SolidWorks Simulation as loads for a static analysis and optimization.

You’ll also see how to take Flow Simulation results and import them into SolidWorks simulation as loads for a static analysis, as well as how to optimize critical dimensions to meet specified design requirements for various flow conditions. Using easy to follow, step-by-step lessons, you’ll learn how to use and apply all the tools you need to begin analyzing your own designs right away.

Upon completion of the course, users will be able to test their SolidWorks models and predict how various flow conditions impact their designs. Users will be able to optimize their designs and prevent costly design errors, prior to having any prototypes manufactured.

View the complete lesson list

SolidProfessor’s  SolidWorks Flow Simulation course is 3 hours 43 minutes, 87 lessons, and is priced at $499 for new customers, or $299 as an upgrade to customers who already own a SolidProfessor Bundle.


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