DraftSight™: What’s new Updates

DraftSight™ is a free* 2D CAD product that lets you create, edit and view your .dwg or .dxf files in Windows®, Mac®, and Linux®DraftSight™ has released an update for Windows, Mac and Linux.

 Print Configurations can now be saved and applied to DWG files and you can also apply these configuration files to different DWG files. This allows you to print the DWG files with the custom settings you applied without having to set them again every time you want to print. These files are portable and can be shared with other users as well.

 DraftSight now supports 3D mouse control
 – supporting Zoom Direction (vertical and horizontal), /Pan/Velocity/Axis (clockwise and counter clock wise) and Dominant mode.

o   You can use the slider to set the sensitivity of the 3D mouse (between low and high, 0% – 100%).

                     o   You can also set the Dominant mode, which filters out all motion except for data coming from the axis that is actuated the most.

                     o   DraftSight also supports Velocity/Speed where you can use the slider to adjust the smoothness of reacting to mouse cap movements.

                    o   You can set the Zoom/Pan to use the 3D mouse to zoom in and out.

                    o   DraftSight now supports rotate and axis commands as well.

Installation and Upgrade Guide – This installation and upgrade guide for DraftSight version v1r1.3 provides step-by-step instructions on how to install DraftSight and upgrade to the new version.

*Standalone license. Activation required.


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