SolidWorks Rendering Contest – The New Start

I believe most of us are familiar with the SolidWorks Rendering Contest*. For those who are new to it, here is a brief introduction to this contest:

“The SolidWorks Rendering Contest is a monthly event that allows users of both PhotoWorks and PhotoView 360 to compete against each other to see who can produce the most realistic, or simply best-looking, rendering of a particular 3D model.

At the beginning of each month there will be a new model available for downloading. Participants will have around 25 days to complete a rendering of the model using either PhotoWorks or PhotoView 360. All rendered images must be submitted to the website owner by email by the contest deadline and will then be displayed for a period of five days, during which time contest participants and other site visitors may vote for their favourite image (please only vote once).

Once the votes have been counted and a winner has been found, their image will be posted until the following month’s contest has ended. All winning images will be displayed in the Winners’ Gallery.”

It was originally created by our fellow friend and rendering expert Rob Rodriguez on his website He had been running this contest for a quite long time (almost three years). After he announced that he’ll no longer be hosting the Rendering Contest in February 2009, Chris Thorn took it over to continue the contest, he started hosting from March 2009 at his new website

From last few weeks I had been in discussions with Chris as how we can improve the contest and bring more people to it. And then one day he said “Why don’t you take it over?” It sound interesting to me and I said “Yes ofcourse”. So here I’m starting the Rendering contest from where Chris has handed over to me.

On January 1st, 2012 I’ll be posting the model for the Rendering contest. So wait and see….

*Since the main purpose of this contest is learning, winners will be encouraged (but not required) to share their winning PhotoWorks/PhotoView 360/SolidWorks files and/or settings for sharing with other contestants. All contestants will be given full credit for their work.


2 thoughts on “SolidWorks Rendering Contest – The New Start

    1. Deepak Gupta Post author

      Dan, for some reason, the original site has got messed up and so is the November/December entries. There was no way to retrieve them and contest was shifted to this blog after talking to Chris (in the spirit to keep this contest going). Hope you can understand and will continue as a participant.

      Best wishes


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