Countdown started to SolidWorks World 2012!!

SolidWorks World 2012 is around the corner. As many of you may already know that this year SolidWorks World 2012 is to be held in the San Diego Convention Center, February 12 – February 15, 2012, San Diego, CA

I hope to meet many people who have become friends over last few years and will get a chance to talk to them face to face. Beside I’ll have to chance to meet the team who has put in their best for the magic to begin at SolidWorks World 2012. And yes there will be SolidWorks Employees, Partners and many unknown faces and I wish to make a lot of friends over there.

Starting February 12, I’ll be reporting back from San Diego, CA along with all of the other journalists and bloggers. I’ll have access to the press room, and will even have a chance to interview some of the leaders at DS SolidWorks Corp., so if there’s anything you want to know, send me your questions.

(thanks Phil for this sweet picture)

I would like to thank the entire SolidWorks team for giving me opportunity for being at SolidWorks World as a member of the press.

Thanks you SolidWorks 🙂

Please note:  All individuals will be required to show proof of identification prior to collecting their badge and registration materials. Attendees must be 21 years or older to attend SolidWorks World 2012. Also residents of some countries may require a visa to enter the United States.

Don’t forget, if you pay for two registrations, a third participant can hang in for free. And, as always, CSWPs save $100. You can see all of registration deals at the SolidWorks World website.


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