Control your SolidWorks Designs with Auto-Configure

Auto-Configure  is a tool that allows you to have a better control on your SolidWorks data/files along with easy integration of CAD data with MS Excel.  It lets you maintain save model parameters of all components of an assembly in one Excel file thereby allowing user to drive easily drive dimensions of components from top assembly or vice versa. Additionally, it allows you to control configurations through this external Excel file.

One doesn’t need knowledge of programming language or special Excel formulas or scripts to use this tool. The product comes as an Add-In to SolidWorks with an easy to understand user interface.

Once you get you files in SolidWorks Auto-Configure, the rest is quite easy. Just make required changes and export the information to an Excel file on a click of button. Edit the Excel file as required and then take control of the design with Auto-Configure.

Interesting feature of Auto-Configure are

  • Allows easy integration and control of CAD data with MS Excel
  • Supports bi-directional flow of data from CAD to Excel and vice versa
  • A new dimension in product Configuration, standardization and automation
  • Automate repetitive tasks quickly to generate accurate models
  • Tools to quickly update model parameters
  • Options to auto-format model drawings
  • Powerful interface to standardize design
  • Excel interface to interact and store design rules for future use
  • Quick and accurate models
The product summarizes of two parts:  Standardizer and Configurator
  • Tabulated list of model parameters (modify name & value)
  • Add / Modify / Delete custom properties
  • Suppress / Un-suppress features and components
  • Change color of features and components
  • Format drawing views automatically
  • Format annotation (text, layer, color, font and size)
  • Save and restore annotation position
  • Create and apply annotation group (group annotations on its type)
  • Update drawing sheet name and view name
  • Update drawing sheet scale and view scale
  • Powerful UI
  • Reports sources of errors


  • Standard Excel Interface
  • Use Excel formulae to compute parameter values
  • No setup time
  • Ease of data storage in Excel format
  • Quick generation of multiple configurations
  • Define generated file name and location in Excel
  • Export generated results in additional file formats including STL, IGES, BMP, JPEG, TIFF & PDF
  • Control configurations to keep in generated models
  • Completely extensible and robust
  • Simple and friendly interface
  • Built-in reporting mechanism
  • Color coding for quick understanding
  • Can be directly integrated with SAP/PDM systems

Some of example are being demonstrated by follwoing videos which shows how easy it is to control your design in your own way. 

Auto-Configure software can be downloaded by clicking on the “Download” button below.


I'll be happy to know your views and opinions as this will help me to improve. You can share them as comments below.

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