Understand the environmental impact of your product with SolidWorks Sustainability!!

Too often, manufacturers operate according to a short-term view. while focusing on the present is important for achieving success in the near term, a total fixation on the marketplace as it is today—rather than on making decisions and investments that take into account anticipated changes—can prove to be extremely shortsighted and ultimately detrimental to your company’s future success. without including a long-term view as part of your business strategy, you may find your organization unmotivated and unable to respond to competitive pressures, or incapable of capitalizing on new green markets and business expansion opportunities.

Consider the breakthrough changes that have occurred over the last few decades, including the:

• Introduction of green products
• Rising cost of traditional energy sources
• Increasing reliance on renewable energy sources
• Continuing depletion of natural resources
• Substantial growth in municipal recycling programs
• Rise in consumer-driven “eco-labeling” programs
• Adoption of carbon legislation by governments worldwide
• Launching of major sustainability initiatives by Fortune® 100 companies such as Ge, ibM, and wal-Mart

This reflects how critical sustainability will become to your company for achieving and maintaining a competitive edge.

SolidWorks Sustainability Design Software Helps in Understanding Environmental Impacts

Solidworks Sustainability allows designers and engineers to measure the environmental impact of the products they design in Solidworks CAD software. Because Solidworks Sustainability is fully integrated inside the Solidworks software design environment, it provides real-time feedback on environmental impacts in four key areas:

• Carbon Footprint
• Total energy Consumed
• Effect on Water 
• Effect on Air

This sustainability add-in feature allows products to be designed more sustainable from the start. The SolidWorks 2012 product launch includes an improved user interface with more options available to advanced users, and easy access to the latest material additions.

Like all SolidWorks products, SolidWorks Sustainability makes a complex process easy to understand and use. Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) becomes another fast, yet critical step in product development, giving you the information you need to make environmentally friendly engineering decisions. Sustainable design is now SolidWorks simple!

Are you a Certified Sustainable Design Associate  (CSDA)

As a Certified Sustainable Design Associate (CSDA), you will stand out from the crowd in today’s competitive job market by demonstrating an understanding of the principles of environmental assessment and sustainable design. Employers can be confident that an individual with this certification understands the principles of environmental assessment and sustainable design.

And if you’re a  Subscription Service Customers**, you can take this exam for free. More details here: SolidWorks Certified Sustainable Design Associate certification

**Login required for access. Full access requires an active Subscription Service contract.


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