SolidWorks 2013 Sneak Peek: Insert Multiple Components in Assemblies

Here’s another new cool feature for 2013. In the Insert Components PropertyManager, you can select multiple components at a time and then insert each one in succession without returning to the Property Manager. Also, if you double-click the assembly origin, all the selected components are inserted at once, each with respect to the origin.

A quick video on the new feature

Need more on what’s new in SolidWorks 2013, visit new SolidWorks 2013 website to see all the major updates when it launches on September 10, 2012.


5 thoughts on “SolidWorks 2013 Sneak Peek: Insert Multiple Components in Assemblies

  1. todd

    Thanks again Deepak!, our solidworks reseller got back to me with the second link, however the first one looks newer and probably better.
    You are unbelievably helpful!, keep up the good work helping so many people like me!, Thanks,

  2. todd

    any news on whether you can control muliple parts from one external spreadsheet? even if each part has two drop downs 7 manual inputs or more each.

      1. todd

        thanks for the reply!. I think in 2013 they let you have one drop down to in your assembly level spreadsheet to configure each of your parts. This is not really enough for what I require as I want full automation of al parts from the assembly level spreadsheet. Do you have any knowledge of driveworks?


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