Finally enjoy your SolidWorks 2013!!

Every fall, a new version of SolidWorks is unveiled with exciting and useful new functionality that goes into every release. Over 90% of enhancements are driven by customer requests. That’s true for 2013 as well, but this year might be a little more exciting than usual.

SolidWorks 2013 includes some really cool new capabilities that customers have been requesting for a while. Some of the new functionality to be watched are:

  • Conic Sketch – This gives you full control over shapes for smooth transitions between existing geometries.
  • Intersect Feature – You can quickly add or remove geometry without sketching.
  • Varying Dimension Patterns – Helps you save time creating patterns, increases design flexibility, and reduces the number of features needed for models.
  • Section View Assist – Speeds the creation of production drawings for faster and more consistent section views.

With SolidWorks 2013, users will experience:

SolidWorks users have been taking about optimizing the performance of a SolidWorks installation and maximize design team productivity and SolidWorks 2013 includes tool and options to do that. These include:

  • CAD Administrator Dashboard – This helps simplify management and troubleshooting of multiple SolidWorks users within a company from a single aggregated view.
  • Simulation Sub-Modeling and Incremental Meshing – You can more accurately perform precise simulation analysis for specific areas of large and complex models, and do it faster and more efficiently.
  • Network Rendering for PhotoView 360 – This helps you save time with faster rendering of photorealistic images by networking multiple computers to share the computational load.

In addition to above, there are also some more new tools that help you work and collaborate with other people on your design team, vendors, and other supply chain partners. These include updates for improved connectivity, enhanced viewing capabilities, and expanded sharing of designs and data, such as:

  • Previous Release Interoperability – Starting with SolidWorks 2013, you can collaborate with customers, suppliers, and internal teams with the ability to open SolidWorks files directly with SolidWorks 2012 (SP5). Users can work more efficiently and improve collaboration and file exchange, reducing delays and easing the transition to the latest release.
  • SolidWorks Enterprise Product Data Management Workflow – Route documents and contact users more efficiently to reduce delays and accelerate time-to-market.
  • DraftSight/SolidWorks Enterprise PDM Integration – Access DWG files within SolidWorks EPM from the DraftSight user interface, and leverage 2D into the design process.
  • eDrawings — You can measure, select and markup  designs from anywhere using a mobile device.

Here is a extrac t from CEO Bertrand Sicot’s perspective on SolidWorks 2013:

“But the SolidWorks community is not about numbers—it’s about people. Our mission is to make it easy for you to bring the ideas in your head to life, as well as help to prepare the next generation of engineers and designers for success. SolidWorks is currently being taught in over 25,000 schools worldwide, including 72% of the world’s top universities, as well as a growing number of high schools, and even middle schools.

In closing, I would like to thank our customers for helping us get to where we are today. Helping you make the designs that change the world is truly what motivates all of us. I would also like to thank all of the SolidWorks resellers and solution partners who are helping SolidWorks customers every day. You are an important part of the SolidWorks community, and we appreciate everything you do.

And finally, thank you to every SolidWorks employee past and present. You are the best team in the industry, and I’m looking forward to more amazing things in years to come.

Learn more about SolidWorks 2013 (no registration required) and if you’re interested in attending a live seminar on SolidWorks 2013, visit:



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