Learn SolidWorks Online – At Your Own Pace

SolidWize offers online SolidWorks training available on a monthly membership basis.

As an Official SolidWorks Solutions Partner, SolidWize members have access to a library of hundreds of professional tutorials with new content added every week. Their self-paced online SolidWorks Training helps you:

– Create more robust designs by utilizing SolidWorks to its full potential.

– Increase the ROI of using SolidWorks by utilizing the available tools more efficiently.

-Get your team up to speed quickly with a multi-user account.

-Keep your skills sharp by following along with their constantly updated training material.

The site is geared mostly for intermediate and beginner SolidWorks users, and will walk you thru a great Introduction to SolidWorks section, making sure you understand the tool in detail before taking a deep dive into the SolidWorks world.

Unlike other SolidWorks training providers, members can sign up for as little as one month so you can learn SolidWorks without being locked in to a yearly membership.

Training videos are constantly created based on the needs of their users. One can start from any topic based on his/her requirements.


They also conduct regular free online webinars, and you can check out several free videos to get you started.

Register here for a free webinar on PhotoView 360 coming up on September 12th. 


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