Sheetmetal Prototyping with Rapid Sheet Metal®

Rapid Sheet Metal Prototypes... As Fast As Your SLA Models

Rapid Sheet Metal Inc is the sheet metal equivalent of a SLA service bureau. Fast. Quoting and fabricating precision sheet metal to your 3D CAD data (no drawings required). Quick. Simple brackets and covers to complex enclosures and housings. Quoted in hours, not days. Shipped in days, not weeks. Plated, Painted, Powder Coated, and/ or Silk screened to your specs.  Prototype Sheet Metal on Fast Forward.

Rapid Sheet Metal recognizes that product designers require sheet metal prototypes in the same time frame as other prototype components such as SLA models, machined parts, and metal castings. In other words:
Rapid Sheet Metal Part
WE GET IT.   Rapid Sheet Metal understands that the Trade Show date is not moving, your internal project date has management visibility, and that your customer’s time-line shows delivery of your product NOW.  If we fail to deliver your parts when you need them, the heat is on you and your decision to use Rapid Sheet Metal. Therefore Rapid Sheet Metal jumps through hoops to make your project happen. To do this, it requires a RAPID ATTITUDE.

RAPID ATTITUDE.   Rapid Sheet Metal employees are pro-active and make things happen. We get started on quotes right away and if we see anything needing clarification, we contact you immediately. Orders are jumped on – your parts are typically programmed within 24 hours of the order. And once your parts are complete, if we miss the UPS or FEDEX pickup, our truck dashes to the drop-off site so you don’t wait an extra day. But a Rapid Attitude does not work without EXPERIENCE.

EXPERIENCEOur employees average over 25 years manufacturing experience on the floor and we rely on Rapid Sheet Metal ® “Mechanics” to stream-line part manufacturing and smooth out any bumps. Sheet Metal “Mechanics” are individuals who can do any job in the shop including setting up all machinery, welding, bending and even shipping parts. We employ more sheet metal mechanics making parts than most $20 million production shops. Why? Because they have the critical knowledge gained through those years of experience to make your parts happen.

MAKE YOUR SHEET METAL PROTOTYPES HAPPEN NOWTo get prototype sheet metal parts, click below to send an RFQ.

Your Partner in Sheetmetal Prototyping

Rapid Prototype Parts………

            ……..When YOU Need Them”





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