Fix your Draftsight Activation problem

DraftSight™ is a free* 2D CAD product that lets  professional CAD users, students and educators create, edit and view DWG files. DraftSight runs on Windows®, Mac®, and Linux®

Are you continuously bugged by these error while trying to use your DraftSight: A Professional-grade, free* CAD software

If yes then try the following method to get the issue resolved and activate your software (for windows) once again and enjoy using it.

1. Close any running application (optional but recommended).

2. Click on Start > Run and type regedit.

3. Registry Editor will open up.

4. Go to HKEY_USERS and press ctrl + F or click Edit > Find.

5. Type SWActivation in the Find window.

6. Hit “Find Next”.

7. You’ll find the SWActivation key in the list.

8. Simply select and delete  SWActivation key. If you wish you can also rename the key (for this select the key and press F2 and type in the new name like SWActivation_OLD).

9. Close the registry editor.

10. Now connect to internet (required) and start DraftSight.

11. You should now get the Activation window.

12. Fill in your details and click activate.

13. You should get an email for completing the activation process. Simply complete the activation and you’re good to use your DraftSight.

14. You may now disconnect the internet. In case you get following error (which is due to non-internet connectivity), simply click OK to use DraftSight.

DraftSight V1R3* is available for download now. 

Check DraftSight Resource Center to find more information you want about DraftSight.  

Also read as Why should DraftSight Users Attend SolidWorks World 2013?

 *Standalone license. Activation required.

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49 thoughts on “Fix your Draftsight Activation problem

  1. Radek

    Hi Everyone, I use Mac Yosemite and installed Draft Sight for Mac (Beta). I had the same problem with activation. I solved it by renaming ” proxyserverconfig.xml” file to “proxyserverconfig-old.xml”. This file is in Draft Sight file on your mac. If you use Finder you’ll find it. After this I received the activation mail after this and I can work!

    1. kaste

      Just tried to activate by your sugestion on Mac. This is what I get:

      There was an error process your registration.
      Visit the DraftSight Community and review the iQuestions for possible solutions, or to report a problem

    2. Hector Mendez

      This workaround does not work. I’ve renamed the file /Users/Draftsight/ProxyServerConfig.xml to ProxyServerConfig-Old.xml and I still have to activate the software everytime I launch it.

  2. tony

    iMac late 2007 64bit. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled DS but the activation didn’t work. Even if I connect with my iPhone (tethering) no proxy or stuff like that, the activation windows which keep asking me for registration, when I fill the form nothing happens, didn’t receive any mail, and the app closed. Then, suddenly, after trying a few times the same procedure (open the app, fill the form and hit “register”)…voilà, the app opened, I didn’t receive any mail and I didn’t do nothing strange, the only thing is that I was always connected to the internet, so maybe it takes lots of minutes (almost an half an hour) to conclude the process. Hope this post helps someone which is in my same bad situation.

  3. K Kivelä

    Hello Mr. Gupta,
    i have used DraftSight on my Mac for a year now. It stopped working when year changed and now i can’t download it anymore. I’m lousy with computers and I don’t know what to do. :/ I get DraftSight on my computer in Applications file, but then when i try to open it, it always says that “There is a problem why DraftSight cannot be opened, check if it works with your Mac OS X-version. You might have to reinstall…” (Probably poor translation.) I have Snow Leopard and all of the minimum system requirements should be ok. I have tried to remove DraftSight and install it again, but it doesn’t work. It says Dyld Error Message: Library not loaded…Reason: Image not found

    Please help me before i waste again the whole day trying to fix this. :)

  4. Martin

    Hi I fixed the issue I was having.

    I un-installed DraftSight and then promoted the user an administrator installed DraftSight and did the activation, then demoted the user back and it works fine.

    I believe when you install DraftSight it asks for admin rights and it then asks you to register whilst using the elevated permissions so when you restart and use it as a normal user the registration details are in the appdata for the elevated user not the non admin user.

    Hope this helps.

  5. Martin

    It seems if I run it as admin (not an option for the users) it does not ask for activation if the users uses normal credentials then it asks for activation

  6. Rick

    I am having an issue where every time that I open draftsight it asks me to activate and I have entered a few different email address and I have never gotten an email back to activate it! I had our company IT guy install draftsight for as we also use solidworks, but I still get the activation screen! How do I get rid of the activation window?

  7. dennis inawan

    Dear mr deepak , i got some problem. my draftsight alway appear this message “Xml error : unexpected end of file, line = 1282, column = 33517 while loading C:\Documents and setting\barno\application\data\DraftSight\1.2.156\UI\english\application.xml”

    please help ,…


    1. Deepak Gupta Post author

      Dennis can you please try this: Go to C:\Documents and setting\barno\application\data\DraftSight\1.2.156\UI\english and cut paste the application.xml and application.bak to a different location. Now load/start the DraftSight and check.

  8. BBilly

    I keep getting:
    Xml error: unexpected end of file, line = 182, column = 1 while loading….etc.

    I tried the reactivation thing and it didn’t fix it. Any ideas?

    1. Deepak Gupta Post author

      Billy go to C:\Users\User Name here\AppData\Roaming\DraftSight\1.2.285\UI\english and cut paste the application.xml and application.bak to a different location. Now load/start the DraftSight and check.

      Please note the path listed above may be slightly different in you machine

  9. ricky

    I have been using draftsight 64 and just purchased pro. But I can load at all it keeps giving me an error while installing . They didn’t have a problem taking my money but they do have a problem returning my calls. Enough with that while using DS it freezes up and shuts down and I lose my work. This is the reason i bought pro verision hoping to stop this issue. Can anyone help or having same issues?

    1. Deepak Gupta Post author

      Ricky sorry to hear that but I’m also using a Prop version as well free version and I don’t see similar behavior. When you mean it freezes, do you kill/close it OR it goes off automatically.

      1. ricky

        it just freezes and you have to shut it down and lose your work to a point.But I steal havent been able to load DS pro. yet.

        1. Deepak Gupta Post author

          When it freezes next time, then do a ctrl + tab to check if there is any open pop up window from DS that might have gone off the screen. And until you click on that, you can’t do anything.


    Hi Deepak.

    My selection window doesn’t appear whenever i try to select things. so basically its not selecting things. which is very annoying.

    Could you please help me?


    Hi Deepak

    Could you please help me out?

    The selection window and some other commands like ortho and polar are still not working.


    Hi Deepak.

    I had a Draftsight installed on my system. I wanted to update it so I firstly uninstalled the older version and went on to free download it.

    After downloading it didnt ask me anything about my e mail address or registration or activation.

    It allows me to open the older files but some commands are not working like i cant select the objects via selecting window. stretch command is not working either cause of that. instead of stretch it move things.

    Could you please get back to me with a solution that why its happening?

  13. Fanny Trichet

    During my work I need to install Draftsight in computer which has a multiple user accounts.
    One of the users, who don’t have Internet access, has his 30-day-trial period over.
    In order to reactivate Draftsight, I uninstall the software with my account (I´m the administrator). Then, I renamed the “SWActivation” as explained in this tutorial.
    I tried several installations ways that didn’t worked. Firstly, I tried installing the software using my account and activating it (I never received the email). However, once in the user account, the user received the same message box “Your 30-day-trial period is over …”. So I tried installing the software since the user account. But I received the same message box.
    I think that, because of the multiple user account I need to do something more or something different but I don’t know what.
    Sorry for my poor English .

      1. Paul Beaumont

        Thank you for your fast response. I downloaded DraftSight again, and was able to open my existing drawing files in the new version.

          1. Manish Mehra

            Hi Deepak,

            we are also having the same activation issue, we did above steps, done changes in the registry and reinstalled draft sight but no luck, i have also downloaded draftsight from web and reinstalled but its still asking for activation when ever i open draftsight. do you any fix it for that issue ?…. please help us

            Thanks in advance


            1. G Bolland

              Hello, I have this issue as well.
              Everytime I open Draftsight I am asked to Activate. After filling in the details and hitting the activate button no email is sent. I have tried various email accounts, spam filters are not the issue.
              My Draftsight install is on a clean install of Window 7 Home Premium x64. I am not the local administrator as this is not an option on a non Professional Windows Licence, I have administrator access however.
              I have searched everywhere for an answer, other people have posed this question from as far back as early 2011. There are no satisfactory answers. Reinstallation after renaming SwActivation reg key does not work.
              This is quite a flaw to go unaddressed as it makes Draftsight a chore. Will uninstall the program shortly if not resolved.

              1. R Marciw

                I was having the same problem and tried deleting the SWActivation key with no luck until I noticed there was a SolidWorks key (can’t remember how it got there-it must have been there from an earlier install a long time ago) in the same Software subfolder. in the registry. I deleted that key, started up DraftSight, filled in the activation fields and presto! I immediately got a message that my request was submitted and quickly got an email response.


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