Tow Truck and The Rope Animation – 1

This has been long over due and now I finally got the time to do it.  Many of my reader and viewers has been asking for it and I really feel sorry for not able to deliver it in time. But finally it is here. Check the video below and if you feel you need to know “How to do it” (I can assure you that this is a simple animation), then proceed on.

OK to make this spicy dish (oh I mean animation), you need following ingredients (made in SW2012). You can download them here. You can also your make your own ingredients and use them.

  1. Tow Truck Assy (we’ll use this as the base for the final animation)
  2. Pulley
  3. Winch Drum
  4. Rope
  5. Wooden pallet
  6. Steel Hook
  7. PhotoWorks pr PhotoView 360 (either of one is required to make more realistic animation). I’ve used PhotoView 360.
  8. A secret Spice (this is the main ingredient of this dish).

Tow Truck and The Rope Animation

I’ve made very basic shapes and did a quick modelling. So please pardon me for any mistakes and not following the design intent, colors and other recommended tools/options.

I’ll be updating further soon.


One thought on “Tow Truck and The Rope Animation – 1

  1. Christo

    Wow!! This is really Awesome …….Could you please help me out????
    I want to know how the unwinding of that rope over the drum is being done with?? Kindly show the procedure to do the Rope unwinding with some screenshots…..Thank you Sir……


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