A Special “Thanks” To All My Readers and Friends Around The World

On this beautiful Christmas Eve, I’d like to say “THANKS“, to all my readers and friends around the world who has been an inspiration to me for keeping this blog live. I also want to thank all my fellow friends and followers on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn; for every likes, reblogs, tweet and retweet that you have sent out about my blog posts. I appreciate every one of you and the time you have taken to help me in making the blog a success since I started it.

Thank You

My readers continued to support me throughout the year. All the great comments that have continued to pour in from around the world on various posts on my blog make the effort worthwhile. The blog is growing daily and it spurs me on to continue working on improving it, adding more valuable and knowledgeable articles.

This year I wrote closed to 134 (including this one), posts on news, events, tips and tricks, tutorials, etc. The total views so far are 144,073.  Here is a quick over of the stats

Stats 2012

Bottom line: You readers are who keep me employed. THANK YOU

I wish you all Merry Christmas a happy and healthy new year. Hope this year brings love, happiness and prosperity into your lives.

Happy New Year

Stay tuned because more SolidWorks tips, tricks, tutorials and news will come for you! Thanks again and see you in the new year.


I'll be happy to know your views and opinions as this will help me to improve. You can share them as comments below.

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