The SolidWorks Rap from Geojobi®, a new Job Board

Geojobi® is the new job board for SolidWorks designers. The Mission You don’t have to be looking to be looking‘*.


Using SolidWorks can be fun too. So just wanted to share this SolidWorks Rap from Luke and Geojobi®. Enjoy watching it while working on SolidWorks.

*Coming soon:! – The job board for SolidWorks® designers*

As a dedicated SolidWorks®  and 3D CAD recruitment company Geojobi® Team have noticed that there is no job board dedicated to this area. To fill this void they have developed a Patent pending app and website combination which they feel offers a unique solution to compliment their services.

They’re aiming for an early 2013 launch and will soon be revealing all of the features that will make an efficient way to advertise design roles to skilled designers.

If you would like more information please follow Geojobi® on Twitter or Facebook or even Linkedin. You can also register your interest on their website:

Geojobi® uses Patent Pending technology and is a Registered Trademark of Solid Contracts Limited and are in no way associated with Dassault Systemes or SolidWorks® Corporation.


I'll be happy to know your views and opinions as this will help me to improve. You can share them as comments below.

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