SolidWorks Render Contest – 81 Winner

I apologize in the delay for declaring the winner. The model for SolidWorks Render Contest – 81 for the month of December, 2012 was cool Poseable figure

Poseable figure #1-1

Supriadi Hanafi (Gee) has shared this cool model on GrabCAD

And here is the Winning entry from Michael Lord, Manager-Development at TRAKKA Pty Limited.Image 4

Michael wins a  $75 worth of gift card sponsored by:

Your Partner in Sheetmetal Prototyping

Rapid Prototype Parts………

            ……..When YOU Need Them”

Thanks to everyone for participating and Rapid Sheet Metal® for the prizes.

Other Entries were from:

Rhaegar TargaryenImage 1Image 1

Naveen Antal, Technical-Executive at Tech Savvy Engineers, IndiaImage 2Image 2

Michael Lord, Manager- Development at TRA

Image 3
Image 3 

Joe Fischer 

Image 5

Image 5

Image 6Image 6

Don’t forgot to vote SolidWorks Rendering Contest – 82 and do check SolidWorks Rendering Contest – 83 to win prizes…

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