Carry your PDF Creator in a Smartphone

Most of us use a smart phone these days. With the busy life one may need to make PDFs for some of his/her document while he/she is on the move or traveling some where. Making PDFs can be a hassle sometimes. But now you can carry a PDF creator in your smart phone and make PDFs anytime you want.

Sonic PDF Creator Mobile

Sonic PDF Creatormobile is a lightweight mobile and tablet app that provides highly quality PDF creation on the go. Make two simple taps to create a PDF from popular MS office formats such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint and text. App runs on iOS and Android.

Simple steps to make PDF using Sonic PDF Creator mobile:
  • Locate the document (like a mail attachment or files stored on your device)  to be converted on your smart phone.
  • Press (or long-press) on the file you want to convert to get the “Open In” menu 
  • Choose PDF Creator.
  • Once the file is imported into the app, the PDF creation will automatically start.
  • Once the PDF creation process is done, your newly created PDF file will be
    located in the PDF Creator list.

Retrieving And Sharing Your Converted File

a) Tap on the PDF file to open it (Note: In case of Android, you must have a viewer installed that can open PDF files)

b) To share your file, tap on the Share icon Share PDF to access a list of sharing services available

Share PDF

Sonic PDF Creatormobile is available for Android and iOS (click on the pictures below to download the installer/application file)
 for iPhone and iPad                    for Android
Check the Quick Start Guide based on your version of smartphone:
Brief Background
PDFCreator generates accurate and high quality PDF files on the go from any device running iOS or Android. Instantly create PDF files from Microsoft Office documents right from your iOS or Android phone.

WiFi connection or Data Plan is required, because files are being sent to Investintech servers where they are being processed by the best-on-market converting software, and once conversion is over, result is downloaded on your device.


I'll be happy to know your views and opinions as this will help me to improve. You can share them as comments below.

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