SolidWorks World 2014: Recap Day 3

We were at the final day of SolidWorks World 2014. The day I believe everyone waits for to see and know the SolidWorks World Top Ten list, the new features coming up in next version of SolidWorks.

On the stage was Mark Schneider, Produt Introduction Manager with his model mania contest. A contest that marked 15 years. This contest is about modelling some stuff in SolidWorks and users compete against users. The one to finish it in lesser time wins the game and prizes from NVIDIA.

Avelino Rochino and Michael Puckett were up on stage sharing the the great news of increasing numbers of SolidWorks Certified users. They also introduced the new certification exams coming up soon.

Marie Planchard talked to Max Lizarraga and Jerry Miranda on how CSWA certificate along with SolidWorks training have been helping their student in getting a better job. She also shared with us the increase in use of SolidWorks education sector.

Bruce Holway, Director Product Definition, revealed the list of Top Ten Ideas voted for SolidWorks World 2014.

Here is quick list with increasing number of votes:

  1. Auto-hide components
  2. Draw a line segment starting from the mid-point
  3. Equal spacing option for linear patterns
  4. Ability to rename a part or sub-assembly in the feature tree
  5. Unlimited undo/redo
  6. Pressing the ESC key should immediately stop the current calculation and return control to the user
  7. Fillets and chamfers should be managed by the same feature
  8. Ability to flip angle dimensions after they have been placed
  9. Hole callout should include all instances on the same face
  10. New Purge command

Finally what everyone loves to see at day 3 of SolidWorks World, the comic presentation by the technical marketing team of new features coming up in next release of SoldiWorks. This year it was “Cadman,” taking us back to old Batman TV show. Gordon, the CAD Manager called up Cadman and his assistant Ribbon to help catch “The Marker (the villein who screwed their CAD files)”. The show was full of entertainment.

Some of appealing new features for SolidWorks 2015 are:

I can’t wait to try my hands on the SolidWorks 2015 but yes we would have to wait till beta program.

Another great SolidWorks World was coming to end and this could not be possible without its sponsors. A big thanks to all the sponsors.

And finally came the big news of next SolidWorks World 2015.

It was great to meet you all at SolidWorks World 2014 and hope to see you all back at SolidWorks World 2015 next year.

Watch the SolidWorks World 2014 Day 3 here in action


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