Sneak Peek SOLIDWORKS 2015: Treehouse


Treehouse is back with SOLIDWORKS 2015..Huraaah..

SW2015 Treehouse

Treehouse is a breakthrough tool for design teams that think from the top down. Users can create and customize a conceptual, graphical representation of an assembly before beginning design work. Treehouse enables you to name your components and add custom properties all before creating a single document. Once the layout is complete and all your CAD documents have been generated, import the top level assembly into any PDM system and start assigning components to the appropriate users. It is that simple.

Long time users of SOLIDWORKS may remember it’s early beginnings when it was previewed several years ago.  Users asked to bring this back as a full-fledged feature in SOLIDWORKS and we got it back.

SW2015 Treehouse

It works by simply dragging and dropping parts and assemblies onto one another; you can build an entire assembly structure in minutes. Each part or sub-assembly can then be edited to include custom properties, configurations, quantities and more. Drawings can also be associated to the parts and assemblies.  Likewise, existing assemblies can be opened in SOLIDWORKS Treehouse to view, edit and add to the structure.  When complete, the entire structure can then be opened as a full SOLIDWORKS file structure.  Combine this tool with SOLIDWORKS Enterprise PDM and you have a very powerful solution.

SOLIDWORKS Treehouse is an invaluable tool for those companies who build product structures upfront. Create the structure, and then use SOLIDWORKS Enterprise PDM to distribute the sub assemblies to the appropriate engineers.

To learn more about SOLIDWORKS 2015, you can click the banner below and bookmark the launch page for when it goes live on September 9th, 2014.




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