The Foundry at SOLIDWORKS World 2015

The Foundry is excited to be participating at SOLIDWORKS World 2015. This year, they’ll be joined by CG artist and engineer Paul McCorey of McCrorey Digital, who will be demonstrating our software in action on some fantastic projects. In addition to Paul, The Foundry’s John Bavaresco – design creative specialist and creative industry veteran – will be on hand to show you how you can get the best out of The Foundry’s tools in your design pipeline.


The Foundry will also be showcasing product developments in MODO 801 & MeshFusion; thjeir iterative design tool COLORWAY; plus MODO for MakerBot – the brand new addition to the product family. Don’t miss out!

Paul McCrorey is a CG artist and engineer who runs a 3D visualization company, McCrorey Digital, that produces stunning visuals and animations. An ambidextrous thinker, Paul is passionate about visual communications. Paul is also the founder and former president of the SOLIDWORKS Louisville User Group.

© McCrorey Digital

Stay tuned for more coverage of SOLIDWORKS World 2015!

SOLIDWORKS World 2015.

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