Help Improving SOLIDWORKS: Vote for SOLIDWORKS World 2016 Top Ten List

Every year SOLIDWORKS users around the world submit their ideas on how SOLIDWORKS software can be improved further to meet their needs and requirements. Users are allowed to submit as many idea as they want. This year IDEA submission ended on December 16th, 2015th with close to 600 ideas submission in various categories of the software.

SOLIDWORKS World 2016 Top Ten List

Now it’s the time to Vote for your favorite ideas and make them become one of Top Ten Ideas for SOLIDWORKS World 2016 Top Ten List.

Now it's the time to Vote for your favorite ideas and make them become one of Top Ten Ideas for SOLIDWORKS World 2016 Top Ten List.

When voting, you are allowed to up or down vote as many ideas as you like. Voting will close on Friday, January 22, 2016.You can vote by clicking on the respective arrow next to the Idea title. Although down voting is available, it does not count against the total score for each Idea.  If you down vote an Idea, please leave a comment explaining the reason for your down vote.  For example, an Idea may be detrimental to your daily workflow.  In that case, simply leave a comment on the Idea saying how it would disrupt your workflow.


Please click [HERE] to go to the Ideas area and cast your vote! There are only two weeks left!  Get your votes in now. Check the video below on how to cast your vote

The ten ideas with the most votes will become this year’s Top Ten List, and will be presented at SOLIDWORKS World 2016 in Dallas on February 3, 2016.  Voting is an easy way to tell us how to improve SOLIDWORKS products to meet your needs. Remember, you don’t have to attend SOLIDWORKS World to vote! 

Vote for SOLIDWORKS World 2015 Top Ten List

I enjoyed and had a great time at SOLIDWORKS World 2015 and if you’re going over to SOLIDWORKS World 2016 then do catch up at RAPID’s booth #628 in Dallas, Texas for some awesome selfies


Be sure to follow SOLIDWORKS and hashtag #SWW16 on Twitter for regular news and updates.

Please note:  All individuals will be required to show proof of identification prior to collecting their badge and registration materials. Attendees must be 21 years or older to attend SOLIDWORKS World 2016. Also residents of some countries may need a visa to enter the United States.

I'll be happy to know your views and opinions as this will help me to improve. You can share them as comments below.

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