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Hello, I’m from Chandigarh (India), 32 yrs old, graduated in 2000 from Indo Swiss Training Centre, (Chandigarh, India). Specialized in Die & Mould and nowadays work on Product Development. Spend most of my time with family and friends. I love to hangout with friends and meet new people. Love to listen to soft romantic music (mostly Hindi and Punjabi).  Project Manager cum Design Engineer with over 9 years of experience. Currently located in Chandigarh, India.

Certified SolidWorks user from last 7 years. I am open any time to discuss about SolidWorks. I simply love the software. You can also find me on these SolidWorks forum/groups.

SolidWorks Discussion Forum

SolidWorks Yahoo! Group

My SolidWorks Certfications

Gifts from friends on SolidWorks Discussion Forum

Thanks a lot for your time and visiting my blog 🙂

You are free to share, distribute or transmit any work on this blog under the Licensing conditions.

89 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Gary McGillan

    Hi Deepak, I Have been using your macro for exporting flat patterns using their configuration name as file name. However I would like it to only export the active configuration. Can you assist me on this?

    Thanks, Gary

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  3. Do Brach

    hi Deepak

    I got a few tip and tricks from you in the past–it’s awesome!

    I have one more problem, you know when click on face of any solid model and then you click on ‘measurement tape’, it gives ‘perimeter and area’ of face. Is there any way to link this two properties into drawings title block like those of custom properties???


  4. John Leslie

    Hi Deepak,

    I have a great macro for creating 1:1 laser cutting profiles by adding a sheet within an existing drawing and various other related functions.

    This much used macro recently stopped working after an upgrade to 2012 and now freezes Solidworks part the way through every time I run it, can you assist me with how to get it running again please?


  5. david

    Hi Deepak,
    Can you help. I am trying to find a macro that will rename weldments and sheet metal parts to the drawing number and append the item number to the end (I am using 2012) Als take this through to the dxf file as a note. Is this possible

    Thank you


    1. Deepak Gupta Post author

      Don’t have a macro or I know of but should be do able. Can you send me some files with and without required results, so that I can look at them compare and prepare some macro.

  6. Blair Regan

    We are developing a application where we want to capture the event when the user clicks on a table in a solidworks drawing. We would then open a dialog box showing data that the table can be populated with.

    Where would we find info on either; a) locking the table (so users have to edit it through a macro) or; b) capturing the mouse click the user makes on any row or column inside the table?

    Thanks for info you may have.

  7. Chris

    Hi Deepak,

    I am very impressed with a lot of your macros and API work that I’ve come across on the internet. I’m also digging your blog.

    I’m wondering if you could help me out with an issue. I’ve done a macro that looks through folders and opens all of the Solidworks drawing files and through input boxes that the user fills out finds and replaces annotations. It works perfect except for one thing: After it replaces all the annotations, the pop-up telling you that it replaced the annotations comes up on EVERY drawing. This defeats the purpose of automating this process because the user must still sit there and hit OK for every drawing (and we’re doing a large quantity of drawings at a time). Do you know if it’s possible to temporarily disable these pop-up messages?

    If you could contact me via e-mail, that would be great.



    hello deepak sir..
    i recently completed my B.tech in mechanical stream…now i want to learn some about design engineer…so kindly prefer me that which institute i will have to go for this….


  9. Marco Polo

    Hi Deepak, im a designer from ABB mexico and i made some macros but only a have learn with the help in api SW so, i want to know if you have some literature for macros?

    thanks a lot

    1. Deepak Gupta Post author

      Not really but I take help from API help files and some sites which are having free macro available to download. If you need I can get their address to you. Also there are some books you can refer to.

  10. Zildom

    Congratulations on the blog, you could teach how did that animation winding and unwinding the rope on the reel?

  11. pratik


    I need some help regarding spur gears in Solidworks 2010.

    I want to create a spur gear of module 0.3 mm and number of teeth 9. But the problem is that whenever I create a spur gear from the toolbox, the minimum number of teeth that can be obtained is 10.
    Please provide me a solution to this.

  12. vino

    Hi Deepak, need your help for creating a box using VBA around the loops(only bosses) in a face and check whether a point lies inside this box……And evaluate the area of the box…Any ideas appreciated….

  13. Eran Cen


    I’m trying to contact you but I can’t find any Email Address.

    Please contact me via my email


  14. Vishal Kokane

    Hiiii Deepak Sir, I am a advanced solidworks user & working in one of the reputed Elevator industry as a design engineer & wants your guidance regarding the rope pulley animation as we are frequently using them. I will be thankful to you if you help me out

  15. Mark Stapleton

    Hi Deepak. You’ve requested that I send you a Drawing and associated Part to help in diagnosing a problem with inability to delete annotations and dimensions in SW2011 SP4, but I’m having trouble finding an email address for you. You can find my contact information and email me directly on my Web site, although naturally I’m reluctant to POST my email address (spambot concerns).

    That said, I don’t think this has anything to do with particular Drawings, Parts or Assemblies. It doesn’t matter what drawing I choose or who made the drawing, or even what SP was in force when the Drawing was made — it’s all the same. No Delete functionality available to me with SP4, and that’s new from “upgrading” from SP3.

    Thanks and best regards (two big “thumbs up” for being so helpful to so many users — you’re obviously a great guy).

    Mark Stapleton
    Watermark Design, LLC
    Charlotte, North Carolina, USA

  16. Masoud


    This question came to me that> you want my help?

    The water Tsfhh solidworks design software I have? Now I’m entering the water system How can I do this

  17. Luis Carlos Botero

    Hi Deepak, i,m Luis Carlos from Colmbia, actually i,m the one who approve the drawings in the company, but i hate the paper and the seals, i would like to view the solidworks file (Drawing file) and put the digital seal there to make the impression already with the seal, just like i can do in edrawings, but in the drawing interface. I don’t know if that could be a macro, or there could be an easier way to do it.

    PD: I don´t know anything about macros :s.

  18. recep tek

    thanks for the informations,they are very useful.ı have a question about gear sets,can you give some tips about drawing a gear boxes which includes spur gears,helical gears,bevel gears and shafts etc.

  19. Jason Corl

    Hi Deepak,

    Wanted to say thanks for all the help and great tips you seem to put a ton of time, effort, and experience into, you’re help is invaluable to the SolidWorks community.

    I do have a question on a macro I’m trying to use that I found on Matthew Lorono’s website. It says you are the author so I figured I’d try to ask you before Matt.

    Using the Change_Sheet_Format.swp macro, I have created an updated drawing template that contains an updated property link and updated text. I need to update all of my drawings, only about 35 or so, in a directory to the new format. I have tried the macro and it worked for updating the property link but did not update the text which is on the sheet format, not on just on the drawing sheet. Any ideas how to get the text to update too? I can send you the files if you like.


    1. Jason Corl

      FYI, I have tried to manually update the sheet format and it works as it should. I stated that I created a new drawing template, but I forgot to mention that I did save out the sheet format also, and tested manually.

      1. Deepak Gupta Post author

        If you looking to add the notes also which are not there in the sheet format but are on the sheets, then macro can be edited to insert the notes as well.

    2. Deepak Gupta Post author

      I haven’t tested the macro earlier for any text. But I just ran it and it worked on putting up the text contained with in the sheet format. Is this what you need??

      Or do you want to include the text too which is on the drawing??

      1. Jason Corl

        Hey Deepak, thanks for the reply. For example, I have my title block which contains annotations that are linked to the part/assy document properties that are on the sheet. I have descriptions in the title block to describe what the displayed property is. For this exact case. I had to change the name of my custom config specific property in my documents from “PartNumber” to “ItemNumber”. So the link is updating properly with this change and now reads properly the “ItemNumber” property. However the description text that is right above this linked annotation in the title block does not get updated as it Should get updated to say “Item Number (chinese description)” but it still says “Part Number (Chinsese description)” and doesn’t update. However if I manually update the sheet format by editing the sheet format, RMB properties, browse to my sheet format, then choose “OK” the format updates properly. Some things to note, the linked annotation and the text description are on different layers on the drawing, there is Simplified Chinese text being replaced if those have anything to do with the issue. Do you want me to send you the files so you can see? Thanks!

  20. Dallas

    Hi Deepak,

    Do you have your assembly examples available anywhere?

    Specifically the Weight pulley lift example and flexi tube? These look great, I saw you tutorial on the flexi tube but I’m not sure how you are animating the rope to wind up the roller.



  21. bindhu

    Hi Deepak,

    I am studying my final year in B.Eng Mechanical. I have been studying SolidWorks from past few months. My final project is the CFD analysis of two trains passing each other and totally depends on the use of this software. I am totally lost and worried as I, am not an expert in using this software. was just wondering if u could help me in clarifying some of my doubts. My university uses solidworks 2010 SP3 version and I, am using SW SP2 version. does SP3 supports the design n analysis carried out in SP2.

    thank you sir

  22. brian lefevre

    Deepak, Do you know anything about why I would not be able to even get to the login screen in the SW forums? I get this error message:

    “Since your last login we have implemented changes intended to facilitate access to multiple Dassault Systèmes SolidWorks web portals. You will need to close all browser windows and restart the login process for those changes to be applied to your account.

    This message will not appear on subsequent logins. ”

    I’m not even sure what it means, no other windows are open and I can restart and it still gives the error prior to getting to the login screen.

    I also have not been able to search the forums. I need to know how to really strip old SW from my system. I can’t uninstall 2007 or 2009 and only want to have 2010 and 2011 running. In my registry I still show SW2000, 2002, 2003, 2004, and 2005 even though these have long been uninstalled. So I need some serious tech questions that my local support can’t do. I thought I would see if everyone has this problem since SW uses Windows VERY POORLY. Thanks for the help.

    1. Deepak Gupta Post author

      Brian, there were few changes made to customer portal so that is why you may be getting that . Even I too got this message few weeks back. You may restart your machine and check. Also what is your web browser??

      Regarding showing older version in registry will not be an issue as even latest version might be using few options from them. Though this is my assumption but there are few people on SW forums that claimed to have 2005 in the registry files.

      There is a utility available to complete remove the SW version from the machine. Also check these posts



  23. N.Jay

    Hi Mr.Deepak

    I am very proud about you,

    I am belong to Tamil Nadu India and working as machine designer. Last 2 month here they expect lot from me.

    Thanks for your reply. Last five years i am working in SolidWorks ,but I am not expert like you. I’m asking you to support me, in my work as a friend

    When i work in new project i am facing lot of design difficulty in animation, and design analysis. In these situation I hope u can give some suggestions.

    http://www.mikejwilson.com/solidworks/solidworks_files-03.htm this link was very very useful for me

    Best Regards


  24. Rik Stewart

    I believe i have solved the elusive Design table issue
    ‘Unable to open DT using Excel 2XXX’

    I am using SolidWorks 2010[64 bit] with MS Office 2007 and had this same issue.
    “Unable to open design tables using excel 2007” I believe i have solved this issue.

    My fix:
    Go to your ‘C’ drive and drill down to the Microsoft office folder with your excel shortcut.

    Mine is located here; C:/prog files[x86] / Microsoft office/office12

    Right mouse click on the excel application icon and click properties.

    Uncheck the read only box and click apply.
    Do the same thing for the excel MS Office shortcut and click apply

    This solved my “Unable to open design tables using excel 2007” issues.
    Hope this helps.

    Rik Stewart
    Crown Solutions
    Dayton, Ohio

  25. Mike

    I was wondering if you have seen a batch download feature for any of the standard parts from CarrLane or McMasterCarr on the http://www.3dcontentcentral.com website or any other place that I might get their files without having to select them individually off a website. I would like to get them in any CATIA compatible format and put them into our PDM Database. Any input would be appreciated, I have contacted McMaster and CarrLane directly and spoke with the engineering team, however they were less than helpful on this matter.

    The ultimate goal would be a folder with all the CarrLane catalog parts in it that I would then bulk upload into our database. Thanks again!

  26. Jorge

    Hello Deepak,
    i have a question for you, i have an assembly and i want to use this assembly for combine feature i want the assembly shape in one block, the problem starts here when you use a combine feature you can call a part only, you cannot call an assembly to use this feature i trying saving the assembly file like a part and after saved i was try to use the assembly saved like a part with a combine feature but doesnt works, im a packaging engineer i work with thermoforms i need only the shape on the assembly inside of one block if you know a different way to obtain the shape of the assembly please let me know.

    1. Deepak Gupta Post author

      You can save the assembly as part, open that saved part and then use combine option. Finally insert and subtract that from the packaging part.

      Other way can be to use cavity option in the assembly itself. Insert the packaging part in the assembly. Switch to part edit mode and edit the packaging part. Now go to Insert > Feature > Cavity and select the part you want to subtract from the packaging part.

      Let me know if this solve your issue or will make one example to explain.

  27. Dheeraj

    Hi Deepak,
    I am using SW2009 (64bit Windows XP), while creating animation it uses like shit load of memory 30GB and while saving the rendered movie it says out of memory as in help it is mentioned that “ENABLE memory settings ensure that the system does not run out of memory and so can complete the render operation” but it didn’t happen after even enable that settings.Please help.

  28. Jerry Brian

    Hi Deepak,

    I am almost there… trying to get some functionality to my design table.

    I can make configurations, make a DT, make a pull down with data validation that works, but I can’t get the configuration to change when I pick an item choice.

    Can you tell me the steps?

    (I’m sure it’s using the if function).

    I can send you a screen shot if I get your e-mail.

    Thank You for your assistance in several SWforums.


  29. Jason Corl

    Hey Deepak,

    I’m wondering if you know how to dissect the feature usage used to create the spring parts generated with the awesome spring macro on 3D Content Central? Particularly the compression closed and ground flat spring. http://www.3dcontentcentral.com/macros/177/files/macro.aspx?id=179350

    This macro creates great spring models but they are not configurable. I’m looking to make springs with the same technique but configurable. Any ideas?


  30. Ramit Aggarwal

    Hey Deepak,

    I am an undergrade student at a university in States and need your help in Solid Works. I am New Delhi these days. I would appreciate if you could help me with that.

  31. Tommy McDonald

    You made some good points there. I did a search on the topic and found most people will agree with your blog.

  32. Vamsidhar

    Hi Deepak,

    Thanks for your reply. I really appreciate your time on this.

    Do you mean – Solidworks drawing can be exported to a excel, txt, csv format which contains all the part / sub-assembly information ?.

    Best Regards and Thanks in advance for your time and reply.


  33. Vamsidhar

    Hi Deepak,

    Looks like you are expert on SolidWorks,

    I have a few questions.

    1. How do I get the data on the components of the Bill of Material out of a Drawing. ? I mean, is there an API for that. (In any language?).
    2. Can I contact you.

    This is because we have a ETO solution and would like see whether we can connect our solution with SolidWorks to extract the BOM data from the SolidWorks drawings and push in to our data.

    Can You please contact me on my email, if you can., I am however selecting the notify the check box below.



    1. Deepak Gupta Post author

      Vamsidhar, you can save your BOM in excel, txt or csv format. You’ll have to check what format your ETO program can accept. And I’m sure there is an example as well as some macro available.

      And I’ll be happy to assist you. Please check your inbox for my contact details.

  34. Moreshwar Mane

    Hi Deepak,

    Grt8 work keep it up. I appreciate your work of knowledge sharing with other. All the very best.

    Can you please help me to know how some of the animations done in 3d software. I have seen many animations done in various 3d cad software and also few in SolidWorks. But what I what to known, is how do they show the flow of particles from one part to another. For e.g. the flow of fine powder falling from one bin to another or air movement. Is it done in some other software or SolidWorks. If yes then please let me known which software. Currently I am using SolidWorks2009, can it be done in this? Please help.

    Thank you in advance.

  35. V. Ravi

    Hi Deepak!

    Amazing! I havn’t seen such a big blog with complete details on your workings! good!.

    I’m from chennai – with polymer selling background and turn into media now! let’s be in touch!

    best wishes!


  36. Anand

    Dear Mr Deepak

    I am an amateur hobbyist and 3d enthusiast.

    For a mere hobbyist purchasing SolidWorks is out of the question. Is there a way people like me can purchase older version of SolidWorks at a lower price?

    Any suggestion would be welcome.

    Thanks and regards

  37. Ed

    We corresponded via alt newsgroup regarding SW office disappearing SWX 2009 x64. Did the reinstall worked great now its disappearing again. Any ideas appreciated.

    1. Deepak Gupta Post author


      Is the problem with the Tool bar or the add ins. Did you tried to check if add ins are working. If yes then your toolbar is missing. Just right click on any of the toolbar and select the SW office toolbar.

      And thanks for your inputs on the blog, I appreciate them.

      1. Ed

        Add ins are checked and when I right click the toolbar they’re all there. Weird, Did a reinstall of PW and its fine, Really unusual as SW installs are typically stable.

  38. praveen gupta


    Bullethawk Racing is the Formula SAE team of NSIT participating in Student Formula SAE Competition of Japan to be held in September, 2009.

    we are in search for some sort of help in solidworks to make our rolling chassis which is nothing but a whole car model including body works.

    praveen gupta

  39. Sudharshan

    Hi Deepak, I would appriciate if you can help me with a macro which can delete the existing layers in the drawing and create 5 new layers with black, green, red, brown and yellow colors all with line thickness of 0.0138 thickness.



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