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SolidWorks Enterprise PDM 2013 SP1.0 is available for download

SolidWorks Enterprise PDM (EPDM) is a full-featured data management solution for organizations large and small, providing an easy way for designers to collaborate on product designs without worrying about version control or data loss. It stores CAD models and supporting documents–anything from emails to images–in an indexed central repository that tracks versions and automates workflows to eliminate wasteful repetition.

SolidWorks Enterprise PDM 2013 SP1.0 is available for download

This service pack is now available to Subscription Service customers. To download, click here or log into the SolidWorks Customer Portal at https://customerportal.solidworks.com and click Download Software and Updates to access the update.

For a list of SPR’s fixed, click here

P.S: Login required for access. Full access requires an active Subscription Service contract.