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Fix your Draftsight Activation problem

DraftSight™ is a free* 2D CAD product that lets  professional CAD users, students and educators create, edit and view DWG files. DraftSight runs on Windows®, Mac®, and Linux®

Are you continuously bugged by these error while trying to use your DraftSight: A Professional-grade, free* CAD software

If yes then try the following method to get the issue resolved and activate your software (for windows) once again and enjoy using it.

1. Close any running application (optional but recommended).

2. Click on Start > Run and type regedit.

3. Registry Editor will open up.

4. Go to HKEY_USERS and press ctrl + F or click Edit > Find.

5. Type SWActivation in the Find window.

6. Hit “Find Next”.

7. You’ll find the SWActivation key in the list.

8. Simply select and delete  SWActivation key. If you wish you can also rename the key (for this select the key and press F2 and type in the new name like SWActivation_OLD).

9. Close the registry editor.

10. Now connect to internet (required) and start DraftSight.

11. You should now get the Activation window.

12. Fill in your details and click activate.

13. You should get an email for completing the activation process. Simply complete the activation and you’re good to use your DraftSight.

14. You may now disconnect the internet. In case you get following error (which is due to non-internet connectivity), simply click OK to use DraftSight.

DraftSight V1R3* is available for download now. 

Check DraftSight Resource Center to find more information you want about DraftSight.  

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 *Standalone license. Activation required.