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Show your SOLIDWORKS API Skills to Win $100

CADSharp is happy to announce the second SOLIDWORKS API programming contest!

The problem is simple and you need to write the codes to achieve the desired results. Hurry up to submit your codes before July 1, 12:00AM EST.

Get Contest Details Here

Three winners will be chosen based on the number of lines of code in their macro.

First prize: $100 gift card at Amazon.com.
Second prize: $50 gift card at Amazon.com.
Third prize: $50 gift card at Amazon.com.

Note: The Amazon gift cards can only be awarded to entrants who may purchase Amazon.com or one of its affiliates in Australia, Canada, United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, France, Spain, Netherlands, China, Brazil, India, Mexico, and Japan. Otherwise, a 2-month Power User membership (valued at $199) will be awarded instead. Optionally, a winner that is entitled to a gift card may choose to receive the 2-month CADSharp Power User membership instead.

Learn SolidWorks API while you Watch!

Macros are small programs in SolidWorks which allows to do lot of repeated or complex stuff in very short time. In other words you can take a coffee break while that tiny Macro is working for you and you get the salary for that work. Looks interesting, then read on..

Pre-requisites to learn SolidWorks API

Just a combo of SolidWorks and a Programming language (VB, VB.NET, C#, and C++) can make you API master. I prefer VB not because I feel it is more simple but I can understand a bit of it.

Recently I flipped over CADSharp and found a massive Video library teaching how to play with SolidWorks macro along with huge Macro library with many free examples.

About CADSharp

Keith, a former SolidWorks application support engineer, created CADSharp.com to help others learn the SolidWorks API quickly and painlessly.

How to access the hidden (actually not hidden but free) resources 

What CADSharp has to offer

Lot of interesting and helpful articles on SolidWorks API and VBA. Find them here

But that has not ended yet, CADSharp.com is proud to announce its upcoming SolidWorks API training webinars for the month of June, 2012, covering a range of important API topics. Register now and  Learn SolidWorks API while you Watch!

Time to Study and Learn with SolidWorks

I’ve been quite a busy these days after I’ve returned from SolidWorks World 2012 in San Diego. I’ve been working on many things and don’t get much time to write. And to add to this I’ll be busy for next few weeks. This would not be only because of my ongoing projects but also something different, I’m getting back to my school days.

I’m not going to join any school though but will be doing a self learning. I’ll be doing my favorite stuffs in SolidWorks which are Rendering, Animation and API. I’ll be studying and learning via following books in next couple of weeks.

Photorealistic Rendering Using SolidWorks and PhotoView 360

(Courtesy of Rob Rodriguez)

Creating Animations with SolidWorks Step-by-Step

(Courtesy of SolidWorks)

SolidWorks API – Programming & Automation

(Courtesy of Luke Malpass)

SolidWorks API – Advanced Product Development

(Courtesy of Luke Malpass)

I’ll be posting my learning experience with these books soon.